It Is My Place

My Featured Blogger this week is the author/s of the blog site Diamonds in Dark Places. My lack of clarity in identifying said author/s is that I’m unsure who she/he/they may be. From a little espionage (reading their posts), I gather that more than one person is involved, possibly family members from more than one generation (kids are mentioned from both parental and grandparental perspectives). So, forgive my vagueness and press on…

Because these “Diamonds,” strive admirably to do just what their site title implies, bring the light of truth and humanity into the darkened places of our world. Their compassion and insight are consistently compelling.

Read on and you’ll see.

Diamonds in Dark Places

image“My dad will help you.”
It was the second time in as many days that my two-year-old granddaughter had uttered this sentiment. “My dad will help.” Her dad, unfortunately, was in Hawaii vacationing with my daughter, which was why I was there in the first place, battling—and losing to—the Diaper Genie. The first time she’d said it, was the evening before while we read bedtime stories. The little pig in the book was clearly distraught, tears shooting in great arcs out of both his eyes.
“Aww, he’s sad,” I narrated. “His kite is stuck in the tree.”
She met my sympathetically woeful expression with reassurance. “My dad will help him.” 

Now, sitting there amidst Genie parts, a “diaper sausage,”1 and a long string of unused bags, her repeated message led me through frustration into contemplation. My train of thought flowed something like this: Wow, my son-in-law is an…

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6 Responses to It Is My Place

  1. Zoewiezoe says:

    I love the ‘not a stalker’ disclaimer to go with this one xD

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  2. Mitch, thanks so much for reposting and your kind words! I have to laugh because “Diamonds” is just me: wife, mother, grandmother who tries to read the Bible (and good literature) carefully and follow Jesus the best I can. What’s funny is, I don’t have a bio up because I couldn’t figure out how to add that page to my blog (probably shouldn’t admit that)–not to be mysterious. Just wanted a place to say what I have to say. Thanks again. I’m so honored!

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  3. revruss1220 says:

    Great post! Thank you again for making this introduction. You have some amazing writers in your “stable.” Keep them coming!

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  4. Kellie says:

    Thanks for sharing this one Mitch, I enjoyed reading it 👌

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