Deep Thoughts (While Avoiding Weekend Chores)

Presentation1Young Codger
  • Old codgers are grumpy, eccentric old men. But there are quite a few young codgers out there, too.

  • To eat humble pie means to apologize for something you were wrong about. So, when you brag are you eating proud pie?

  • Short-shrift means to ignore or curtly dismiss someone, and it’s all the rage these days. Let’s buck the trend and start giving people tall-shrift.

  • I was hired for a tourism ad (true). They asked me to wear “a fashion-forward Hawaiian shirt.” “I can’t,” I told them, “that’s an oxymoron.”

  • There’s a rain cloud outside that’s been threatening to “go” for the last hour. I suspect it has prostate issues.

  • I’m planning on writing a memoir, but am unsure how far back to begin it. I’m thinking of calling Chapter One The Happy Little Zygote.

  • If you inherited 50 million dollars, what would you not stop doing?

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16 Responses to Deep Thoughts (While Avoiding Weekend Chores)

  1. Thank you for giving me deep thoughts to ponder while avoiding woking on a new course.

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  2. gifted50 says:

    I would not stop writing on WP.

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  3. Good stuff as always Mitch. I would not stop commenting on a post on WP

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  4. ruthsoaper says:

    I would Not stop gardening. I bet your answer would be avoiding weekend chores. 😀

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  5. Relax... says:

    (I hope) I would not stop writing. How about you, Mitch? What would you not stop doing?

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  6. revruss1220 says:

    Deep. Very deep. My answer to your last question is, “Breathing. I hope.”

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  7. Mama X says:

    I would not stop cooking, crafting, gardening.

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  8. Love the picture of the young codger! 😀

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