Our Audience is Growing

I’m grateful to announce that, despite minimal advertising (we’re not exactly the Walt Disney Company) my feature film Healing River is one of the top-rated films on Amazon Prime. Result? Its viewing numbers have increased every week since it premiered–and Amazon is recommending it to more and more people!  One reviewer wrote:

“The screenwriter/director is not shy about letting his characters address God directly in shock, in anger, in grief and even rage. It’s not only natural, it’s reality. Nothing in the situation seems fair. Justice seems yet another victim. But as the story unfolds, hearts…are laid bare…because God is at the very center of the movie. And it’s really all about his faithfulness in the midst of suffering we can neither understand nor overcome by our own efforts. Suffering is real. But so is hope.” ~Elizabeth Arundel

A brief clip from the film:

From the Healing River novelization:

Grasping both of the boy’s shoulders, Peter presses him back against the wall, and says, “You are not the center of the universe, Alec! Not everything happens because of you! Do you think God gets up every morning, and says, ‘Boy, I’d love to do some terrific stuff today, but I just can’t because Alec McCortland will screw it all up’?”

“How, how can you talk like that?” the teenager asks, offended at the priest’s irreverence.

“Like what, Alec? Like a ‘regular person’? Well, guess what? That’s what I am, a regular person. I eat, I sleep, I poop, and I have incredibly stupid ideas—some of which are sicker and more sinful than you would ever believe!”

The boy stares at him, wild eyed, uncomprehending, lost in a void where the only thing that exists are multiple iterations of himself.

“But then God invades me again,” the priest continues, unremitting in his effort to shatter the boy’s isolation, “because that’s what He does, Alec. He’s my medicine for stupid. He’s the pill that keeps me alive!”

You don’t have to be an Amazon Prime member to see Healing River. To watch or order it, just click here.

Healing River Poster

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49 Responses to Our Audience is Growing

  1. Healing River is a wonderful movie. I’m going to watch it again. 😊

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  2. francisashis says:

    Wow!That’s a great news.Take care.🌹👍🙏

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  3. badfinger20 (Max) says:

    Happy to hear it…it deserves it.

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  4. Congrats for this.. I think it is not available in India yet… I would love to watch it..

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  5. Dora says:

    Woohooo! Congratulations!!
    Honestly, E.A’s right and I couldn’t have said it better myself ≧◉◡◉≦
    Looking forward to the novelization …. and NOTZILLA!

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  6. revruss1220 says:

    What a great – and totally deserved – review. I think she really captured the essence of your effort. Best wishes for continued affirmation and wider and wider viewership.

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  7. Elisabetta Panzica says:

    Amazing, I can’t wait to watch it!

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  8. Not the least bit surprised… It truly is a wonderful movie, Mitch! Praying for continued blessings!!!

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  9. dovalpage says:


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  10. Congratulations! I am excited to watch it. 🎬🍿

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  11. Congratulations, Mitch! It is a great movie with a wonderful script and music. I watched it a couple of weeks ago, and I plan to watch it again with my teenage foster daughter. Hoping film may touch her hurting heart where I cannot. Blessings to you.

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  12. Congratulations on the continued success of “Healing River.” It’s wonderful that the movie is touching so many people’s hearts.

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  13. I’d like to comment further, though wIll it be moderated out again? Let me know. If so, I’m not game for depletion = mis-spent efforts. Let me know, Mitch. Much appreciated.

    Respect, Man.

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  14. dharkanein says:

    As soon as it releases in India I will be watching it without fail. The content seems more of my kind.

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  15. It was really good! I certainly plan to watch it again. So pleased that word is getting out.

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  16. Praise God! Unfortunately the movie isn’t available for those of us in the UK, but hope it will be soon. Congrats Mitch!

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  17. I just watched the movie. It is definitely a tear jerker. It grabbed my heart.

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  18. Ann Coleman says:

    Congratulations! That’s an amazing achievement!

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  19. pkadams says:

    Good movie. My husband cried . He’s more emotional than me. The Alec character is very much like a relative of mine, very sad story .

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Aw, so glad you two enjoyed it, PK! If it makes your husband feel any better, we’ve heard from people, male and female, who used up whole boxes of tissues during the movie.

      Sorry to hear about your relative, but praying there’s been or will be redemption for him/her, just as there is with Alec. He was inspired by several real life people, btw.

      May I encourage you (one or both of you) to leave a brief review at Amazon? (The more reviews it gets, the more they recommend it). You can also rate it on IMDb (link below). We’re working to counter fake ratings left by internet trolls (who haven’t even seen the movie). Thanks and blessings! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5848326/?ref_=nv_sr_srsg_2

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