5a563e42-7fe1-49b3-85d7-a21ef76d1285My Featured Blogger this week is Nicola Humphreys of a rambling collective. She lives, she tells us, “somewhere in the north of England, or the Midlands, depending on your point of view.”

Nicola is a short story writer who, as do many of us, “works for a company (like a sausage factory) that makes widgets or gizmos or something.” She also visits London once a month “to eat real food.” When she’s not writing, that is. Which is good news, because her sometimes witty, usually quirky, always engaging short stories are terrific. So much so that, IMHBCO (In My Humble But Correct Opinion), that company of hers should stop making widgets…

And start publishing her stories instead!

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8 Responses to Minted

  1. revruss1220 says:

    She is a real talent. Thanks for bringing her to our attention.

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  2. (By the way, what exactly IS a widget???)

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  3. Thank you for the boost! Writing is a solitary affair, even more so at the moment. It’s like firing a cannon into space, hoping that someone in their own little spaceship will pass by, and pause to read my writing. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

    A widget is one of those indefinable things that we all need but didn’t know we needed until we have one. Then we want another. Gizmos are similar, and are often referred to as “thingamajigs”. Plus, the Mogwai thing, obvs. I can take or leave the film, but listen the the band almost everyday.

    Well back to it. This novel isn’t going to edit itself….
    Nicola xx

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  4. mitchteemley says:

    I’ve enjoyed your cannon shots for quite sometime now, Nicola. So it was my duty–and pleasure–to draw the attention of a few more passing spaceships. Keep firing! ;>)

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  5. Update – I recently read ‘Minted’ for MicroPodcast. It can be heard whoever you find podcasts – Spotify, apple etc., and I strongly urge other writers to submit a recording of one of their flash fictions to them.

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