Reflection of Light – Look, See, Pray

CaptureMy Featured Blogger this week is Richard the Baptist, a retired Sussex, England-based minister. Writer-photographer Richard loves “exploring prayer and spirituality.” He’s a cancer survivor and fibromyalgia-sufferer who actively supports others with this illness. “Life has changed,” he says, “but hope burns eternal,” and “faith has a deep relevance in good times and tough ones.” That faith and perspective are richly on display in this post about finding the good in ordinary things and people.

You’ll find good things here, I promise.

Look, See, Pray

Not every experience, photograph or person has to be outstandingly dynamic. Ordinary is good.

We have become addicted to the buzz of adrenaline. Bigger, better, faster, louder, brighter- and usually more expensive to us as “buyer” and to the ordinary person doing the producing. This is not, in my opinion, a “good thing.” We become greedy, and then dissatisfied when our latest “fix” doesn’t meet our expectations.

So today’s photo is distinctly ORDINARY. Reeds, grasses, water, colour, and a reflection. Not even a duck or dragonfly. It just IS. And that, my friends, is just fine.

Bellamy or Attenborough might get excited about the botany or biology. It’s a habitat but we don’t know for whom. Perhaps Ratty and Mole will pass by, messing about on the river…

Why have I bothered to post it? It won’t excite many people, naturalists apart.

Two theological reasons. First, the Creation narratives in…

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3 Responses to Reflection of Light – Look, See, Pray

  1. LOL, there it is, “Dream Small” playing in my head again. 😉 What a great song – what a great concept! Have a blessed day, Mitch.

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