Welcome Summer Solstice

img_20200602_104458My Featured Blogger this week is Kiora Tash of The Myth of Trees. I only recently began following Kiora, and know almost nothing about her except that I enjoy the way she thinks and the way she feels. She describes herself as “an explorer, a human child of earth” who shares “stories of interconnection.” A bit heady (not exactly “I have two dogs and I like pizza”), but it captures the spirit of her inviting site. In this post, Kiora introduces us to yet another kindred spirit, poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, whose words transport us to the summer place he describes–and make us long to remain there.

Take the journey!

The Myth of Trees

A Likely Lake

In Summer Time

Paul Laurence Dunbar – 1872-1906

(The author of numerous collections of poetry and prose; he was one of the first African American poets to gain national recognition.)

When summer time has come, and all The world is in the magic thrall Of perfumed airs that lull each sense To fits of drowsy indolence; When skies are deepest blue above, And flow'rs aflush,—then most I love To start, while early dews are damp, And wend my way in woodland tramp Where forests rustle, tree on tree, And sing their silent songs to me; Where pathways meet and pathways part,— To walk with Nature heart by heart, Till wearied out at last I lie Where some sweet stream steals singing by A mossy bank; where violets vie In color with the summer sky,— Or take my rod and line and hook, And wander to some darkling brook…

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  1. kioratash says:

    How very kind. Thank you! I am glad it pleased you.

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  2. Pam Webb says:

    How can a poem be resisted?

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  3. Map195 says:


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