Radical Forgiveness!

Alec about to be confronted

More Rave Reviews for Healing River!

The trailer has been seen and shared by thousands. From multiple true events, including my own near-death encounter with a heroin-addicted driver, I created a story of “impossible” forgiveness that both challenged and moved me. And according to the latest Amazon Prime reviews that’s just what people are experiencing when they see the movie:

“This could have been stripped right out of today’s headlines. A story of anguish, pain, loss and the power to rise above it. A seamless work of storytelling. Very well done.” 

“This movie is raw and real. A breath of fresh air in a cinematic world where revenge and vigilante justice is the normal fare.”

“A powerful and accurate picture of the power of forgiveness and mercy. And it does so while avoiding tropes common to religious films. It offers a candid portrayal of the desire for revenge experienced by many people when they are victimized. A must-see movie!”

“A compelling story from the hard side of what life may bring. A great cast of characters. Throw them into a great storyline and you have a very good movie.”

“Life is always bigger and richer when you do the thing you think you never could and this movie shows that beautifully.”

“Your response will define you.”

“Put on your seat belt because this movie is going to take you through a roller-coaster ride of emotions; some understandable and others quite unexpected. There are so many twists and turns you will not believe the outcome!”

“Beautiful message about forgiving and what it can make happen. A great movie!”

“A deeply moving story of radical forgiveness!”

See it with someone you love this weekend.

To watch or order the movie (available to all, but free to Prime members), click here

The Official Trailer

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37 Responses to Radical Forgiveness!

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  2. Bill Sweeney says:

    I was reading the reviews on Amazon the other day. I left a five-star review and it wasn’t because I know you. It’s because it’s a great movie!

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  3. boromax says:

    Mitch, my family watched it last night (5/22). We absolutely loved it! We laughed, we cheered, we gasped, we wept, we said, “No!!!”, we said, “Yes!!!” we said, “Oh, my goodness!”…. it was wonderful, delightful, soul-stirring. Well done, Mitch. This film is a triumph.

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  4. Gary Fultz says:

    Most movies you watch and forget tomorrow. This one will stick with me quite awhile Mitch…It’s real both on the life side and on the spiritual transformation side…no halo’s or easy sound bytes…just real and well done sir.

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  5. gpavants says:


    I am excited and it looks great. I will watch and give you feedback. I pray it is the perfect timing for your movie to make it’s impact! In Christ,


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  7. Hey Mitch, unfortunately it is not showing here in the U.K. on Amazon so I will have to wait patiently… Trailer look good!

    Thanks 😊


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  8. Heidi Viars says:

    The story is sticking to my heart, Mitch. It took me years to accept the forgiveness that was poured out for me. It is easy to let the enemy condemn and go on and on about all the loss we caused. There is no other way, once we realize the degree of our offense, that we cannot forgive those who have sinned against us. The movie was a balm to my soul.

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  9. Congratulations on the wonderful reviews to spread the message of your movie!!

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  10. This looks wonderful! I’ve got Prime, so maybe I can watch it soon.

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  11. c.f. leach says:

    Healing River is still getting likes on my site. Awesome and congratulations again! Blessings and Peace.

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  12. anonfort says:

    I am glad that someone is trying to promote forgiveness.
    If you are interested, Here are several posts on forgiveness:
    a short exploration: https://soon.school.blog/2019/11/17/forgiveness-abstract/
    Two stories in the Expression category: https://soon.school.blog/category/expression/

    And a very long exploration of the Kingdom of Heaven which is built on forgiveness:

    Most of the posts on soon.school.blog are related to forgiveness, because it is the primary effect of the Love of Jesus that makes life endureable. When people take the Judgement path, the poem SandSoul is among the results.

    thank you for putting effort into being a Love pusher.

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  13. Nice Touch, the Bar’s name is Dante’s. So far, 20 min into the movie, I’ve already gone through 2 pkg of kleenex… That painting with the boy with the wings and a sword. It was beautiful! The drug dealer had baby foot tattoos on his shoulder. 50/50 1/2 and 1/2. Hmmm… 1:18:00-1:19:00 Another box. AND ANOTHER! in the chapel scene. Loved your music too! Nice arrangements!

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  14. pastorpete51 says:

    Awesome sounding story from the trailer. I will have to check it out. Blessings Mitch. Thanks

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  15. Amazing storyline and captivating trailer! I can’t watch it due to location restrictions. Hopefully, I will some day…all the best 🙂

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  16. mitchteemley says:

    Thank you! Yes, the movie has been released in North America first. It will be released throughout rest of the world this summer. I’ll let my readers know when I know the date, I promise!


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  18. canadaslim says:

    I confess that as a Canadian resident in Switzerland my ability to see Healing River problematic, but I have spread the word to a better Christian than myself (a title I cannot, with any honesty, assume) and my Ottawa (Canada) friend tells me that he thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work (and the faith), Mitch.

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Thanks for your kind support, Adam. I’m so happy to hear that your friend in Ottawa enjoyed it. I do hope you get a chance to see it yourself eventually (it’s not just for Christians). It should reach Europe some time in the next month or so–I’ll keep my readers posted.


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