Going Out in Public Again

Current polls reveal that people have mixed feelings: They want to go out in public again, but after months of quarantine they’re understandably nervous about exposure. That’s nothing new for the animal world. This semi-serious photo collection shows, or maybe doesn’t show (that’s sorta the point) how animals–and even some people–do it.

(Click on any image to enlarge it, or to start slide show)

Note: Lichen Katydid (below right) courtesy of David Weiller Wildlife Photograpy.

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29 Responses to Going Out in Public Again

  1. boromax says:

    Wow x a bunch.

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  2. Great pictures. That urban camouflage artist is phenomenal!

    When my youngest son was about 4 years old, I had a daybed in my room where I displayed several large stuffed toys and dolls. One day I walked into the room and thought something was different about my display. It took me a few minutes to realize that my little boy had carefully arranged himself in a sitting position in the middle of my display. He was sitting there as still as a statue, not even blinking! Thirty-five years later, he is still precocious. πŸ˜€

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  3. WOW!!!!!! Excellent shots!

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  4. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  5. .lily says:

    Lol, the elephant blends in well, 😊

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  6. John Purvis says:

    I loved the little owl beside the tree. It was amazing! Thanks!

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  7. DW says:

    Hi Mitch, I am glad you like my picture and video of the lichen katydid. I would really appreciate that you put my watermark (with my name) on the picture and also please kindly add a credit link to my Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/davidweiller) or website (http://www.davidweiller.com) in your blog post. Thanks to get in touch. CHeers.

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  8. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Fun photos, Mitch! Too bad we can’t hide from our predator, Covid-19, as well as some of these animals can camouflage themselves!

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  9. I love the elephant disguised as a bus!

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  10. Beautiful photographs.

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  11. jeanannwhd says:

    my fav is the kitty on the teddy bear

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  12. tidalscribe says:

    I have seen camelflage a few times, but it still makes me laugh.

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  13. Lovely to see the camouflage. Now if we could only make ourselves invisible to COVID.

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  14. That hedgehog though!!!! 😱❣️

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  15. Really fun photos. I think about going out a lot, too. But the risk of exposure is not small. Hard to say what will happen when restrictions ease.

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  16. Love these! Especially the “camelflage”

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  17. Fabulous photos!! I like the camelflage too!

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  18. Wow! Exceptional work!🌹

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  19. gpavants says:

    Mitch, Love it. So people get out there even if it’s a little undercover.



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  20. canadaslim says:

    ….and yet every post refuses to blend in with any other!

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