Our Stay-Day-Vaycation

A Staycation Photoblog*

*I caught a few typos after captioning the photos and uploading them (ahem, “Botatnical” garden?), and have no intention of going back and fixing them. It adds character, right? (Note: All photos except the first were taken by Trudy and Mitch Teemley.)

My wife had last week off, and my hours are flexible. Yay, vacation time, right? Only the world is in lockdown. So what to do? Obviously it had to be a staycation, but not the type with visits to movie theaters, concerts, museums, dining out. Walks in local parks are nice, but aren’t vacation time. Answer? Day trips. But how to make them special?

We did some research, found a few towns within a few hours drive that we’d never really explored, packed up our masks and TP, and hit the road. Repeatedly.

  • Day One: Oxford, Ohio, is a beautiful college town a mere hour’s drive away. We’d seen the college, but never explored Oxford’s gorgeous natural surroundings. So we grabbed bakery goodies and hit the road. A lush botanical garden and a hike through a forest near a historic settler’s cabin provided just the needed first day escape from Lockdown, USA.
  • Day Two: Tipp City, Ohio, was originally named Tippicano after a popular political campaign song. It was founded at the site of a lock on the historical Miami and Erie Canal, which carried settlers and goods west during the 1800s. It oozes small town hominess. We wrapped our day with take-home pizza at the Chez Us.
  • Day Three: The Village of Granville was our longest foray, so we noshed on bagels and dark roast coffee to keep us going. And, oh, was it worth it! Settled in 1805 by Welsh emigrants (a few of whom I could actually be related to), Granville is utterly fall-in-lovable–and we fell! We strolled its quaint, uncrowded town center and its perfectly preserved Victorian (and even earlier) surrounding neighborhoods, masks to-ready. Then we grabbed some not-so-Victorian tacos and picnicked up-the-hill at Denison University, basking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. We finally drug ourselves away (well, drove, actually) at dusk.
  • Day Four: Attended church (in our bedroom). Then off to the movies (our den), with popcorn in hand (thank you, microwave).

How was it? Honestly, better than we’d expected, almost worthy of the word vacation!

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45 Responses to Our Stay-Day-Vaycation

  1. I love the masks on the statues …

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  2. gifted50 says:

    Beautiful pictures.

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  3. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Sounds like fun!

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  4. A woman ran for United States president in 1872?!

    Thanks for the great pictures, Mitch. Going through your photo gallery is almost as good as being there.

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  5. Thank you for letting me travel too, I could see and feel these places through your pictures…

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  6. barbara runck says:

    It sounds delightful! Glad you had a good week!


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  7. Terrific photos! I especially like the building advertising “Battle Ax Plug for 10 Cents”. Would that be chewing tobacco?

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  8. M.B. Henry says:

    Love those old buildings πŸ™‚ Great photos, looks like a good staycation, typos and all!

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  9. I’m all about the American Gothic!

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  10. Sohair says:

    Great images

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  11. I love this! What a great idea! Inspiring me!! We can totally do that here! I have certainly missed our road trips! It’s a favorite pastime of ours!

    God bless!


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  12. That sounds wonderful! We have a three day trip planned at the end of the month. We plan to go. We don’t need to eat inside a restaurant. Like you, we can take our food and go. And we plan a couple of days walking and hiking. It will be so strange to be away from home even for a few days…

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  13. mitchteemley says:

    Have fun, Lisa!


  14. revruss1220 says:

    Sounds like an awesome time! Great pictures, too. The only thing I know about any of those places is that Tipp City is the location of Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church… one of the largest UMCs in the country. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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  15. Eliza says:

    Cool that it worked πŸ™‚

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  16. This was wonderful, Mitch… a great example of making the best of these times we’re in. Rather than complaining and mulling around, you two found creative alternatives that led to incredibly surprising results. Truly, an inspiration to do the same! πŸŒ…

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  17. boromax says:

    Wonderful photos! Thank you for taking us with you on your delightful staycation.

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  18. cat9984 says:

    Sounds wonderful. The weather cooperates too

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