Are Face Masks the New Bumper Sticker?


“Cough if you love COVID 19.” That’s the only facemask “bumper sticker” I’ve come up with so far. Think it’ll sell?

My Featured Blogger this week is Laura, aka “Katie,” of Active Art, and the face Featured Image -- 48023mask designs in the post below are hers. I only recently began following Katie’s site and am still exploring her previous posts. But I’ve discovered this much: She’s a Florida-based artist with a broad range of creative interests–fine art, photography, graphics and product development. She also discovers and shares the work of other artists, as well. So, while you’re sheltering-in-place…

Visit Active Art and explore!

Active Art

What does our face say about us? Nonverbal communication is very important. I have had a few sarcastic remarks bomb because my smirk was hiding under a mask. (Or, at least, that is my excuse.) We have been pushed into this state of social interaction where we are using the same facial expressions but no one sees them. Our brains struggle to interpret the nuances of communication as the speaker is half covered. I have started to use more head and eye movements as I try to craft my messages in the most understandable way. Some muffling of sound and not being able to augment our hearing with some lip reading also push the need for more nonverbal/non-facial expression.

Face mask art is now a thing. People are designing their own at home, making some to sell, uploading designs to print-on-demand sights. Designers and clothing manufacturers are getting in on…

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10 Responses to Are Face Masks the New Bumper Sticker?

  1. hahaha so we can say that Conravirus made us creative.

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  2. Katie says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for the reblog!! ✌️

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  3. exhebdenmick says:

    I gave it a go and it was well worth a visit. I’ll go again.

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  4. How about “We All Live in a Covid Quarantine” : -D

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