Who’s Benefitting From the Pandemic?

Not a conspiracy theory, merely an unforeseen reality. While governments, businesses and workers are ravaged by the pandemic, some sectors are actually flourishing, and some job markets are actually expanding. Here are a few of the benefitees:

Online Sales

  1. Amazon, already essentially a benevolent(ish) dictatorship, has grown faster than it can handle. 100,000 new employees have been hired in the U.S., along with that many more in other countries. Maybe I’ll finally get those vitamins I ordered last month.
  2. Walmart – The WalMartians invaded long ago. Already the biggest big-box chain in the solar system, they’ve warped into online hyperspace sales, as well. And they’ve hired thousands more earthlings along the way.
  3. Online Services – Teladoc (tell-a-doctor) has exploded out the gate. So have conferencing services like Zoom, and IT and AI-based services.
  4. Game-sellers – Not surprisingly, video games are racking up record profits. Even traditional board games (no longer considered “bored games”) are selling like Monopoly property. So are jigsaw puzzles. Basically, anything a captive audience can do alone or together.
  5. E-book-sellers – “Oops, I Amazoned again.” Other e-book sellers, too. E-book sales have increased an astonishing 3000% since the lockdown began!
  6. Romantic, um, enhancement – Games and books aren’t the only thing people under house arrest are doing with their time. Pure Romance, the princess of sex-toy sellers, has nearly doubled its online sales. Result? A baby boomlet is expected in early 2021. Looks like the current generation of Quaranteens (kids coming of age in the pandemic era) will be joined by a second wave of “Quaranteenies.”


Online entertainment streamers are setting subscription records. The four biggest:

  1. Netflix – The long-established kingdom of Netflixia has experienced massive subscriber gains, tripling its profits for the first quarter.
  2. Amazon – Amazon Prime is sneaking up on Netflixia because, well, that’s what competing kingdoms do.
  3. Hulu – Hulu may be a mere dutchy, but like Monaco it’s rolling in the chips!
  4. Disney+ – Backed by the virtual Roman Empire of Entertainment (having sired princesses and absorbed empires like Marvel Studiosland, Star-Warsia and Pixaria), Disney+ is in it to win it.


Accidents, traffic deaths, and smog have reached their lowest levels ever! Great for those who are driving. Plus, gas is at decades-low prices. Truckers, many previously out of work, are cruising in large numbers, delivering in-demand goods (TP, diapers, produce, games, computer products, clothing) to booming supermarkets (also hiring record numbers of employees) and other still-open stores.

Will things eventually return to status quo? Yes and no. Closed businesses will stay closed. But the virtual world will be bigger than ever, so many people will shift careers in that direction. Work-from-home will flourish now that businesses are figuring out how to make it work, and employees are liking it. Still, pollution will probably return to dismal “norms.” And depression and social isolation will likely be the biggest challenges of the coming VR Era. Wisdom and peace will be in short supply. Attention to those with real answers:

Time to get to work!

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49 Responses to Who’s Benefitting From the Pandemic?

  1. I confess to feeding the Amazon, Walmartian, and e-book dragons. Just doing my fair share! 😀

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  2. On a different level, the gospel seems to be doing well, too. The threat of a deadly virus, fear, isolation, and a feeling of loss of control is forcing people to come to grips with their helplessness and mortality and turning record numbers of people to the God they have successfully been avoiding until now. And if they respond by embracing the God who has loved them all along, THEY gain, too. – They gain EVERYTHING.

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Haven’t heard till now, Annie, but I’m excited to hear it. Perhaps it will be a catalyst for the youth-driven revival I’ve been expecting.

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      • I was asked not to post it on “social media” (not sure of this qualifies) but now that it’s past, I can share … one of my favorite ministries, the “JESUS” Film Project, which sent teams of missionaries to share the gospel on film in remote (largely illiterate) areas, in more than 1800 languages. (“JESUS” is by far the most translated movie of all time.) has been unable to do their usual ministry since the pandemic. I (along with a lot of others, no doubt) was praying for other strategies. April 4 I learned that arrangements had been made for the film to be shown on Easter in TURKEY – on six different secular TV stations! Since we still had 8 days until Easter, I prayed that they could do it in MORE countries.
        Talk about “above and beyond all that we ask or think” – ! They ended up showing the movie on TV in at least SEVENTY-TWO countries! These included China (!) Pakistan (!!) Iran (!!!) Sudan, India … BILLIONS of people, locked down, frightened, looking for something to watch … Imagine what has been accomplished in just the past couple of weeks.
        I’ve also been privy to some things going on that are an answer to 15 YEARS of daily prayers on my part. The way God put me right where I was able to hear about it is another story. I had assumed I wouldn’t see the answer in my lifetime. Maybe someday I can write about it on my blog.

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      • mitchteemley says:

        That would be great, Annie.

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  3. What days we live in my friend! I pray we see our limitations, turn to the Only Wise One, study His Word with vigor and learn from The Master Himself.

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  4. I can imagine. I myself have had a few amazon deliveries that we wouldnt normally have had. Its a terrible time and i pray for those affected with there health however if we are to take positives im sure the earth could is benefiting greatly with much less pollution.

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  5. Clever Girl says:

    I can’t remember the last time it took fewer than forty bucks to fill my gas tank here in California.
    So many awesome things coming out of this: People coming together, kindness, reduced work hours… and sexual enhancement products up in sales? We may have our second Baby Boomer generation coming.

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  6. Kim Smyth says:

    I know who else is benefitting, the government. I won’t share my thoughts on it all here, I just refuse to accept that this is our new normal. My back hurts from sitting so much, I can’t get on Netflix cause everyone and their dog is on it, and I’m actually considering working for Amazon (online jobs only), but I’m happy the weather is nice so I can at least work in the yard and go take a walk. I want to hug someone, I miss my friends, FaceTime is nice, but no replacement for the real thing. Same thing with church services, online has been nice, but I want to sit in the pews again!

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  7. I can say this with confidence: The world will be different when we’re released and there will be no going back to what it was. We’ll find a new normal and in 10 years complain when that shifts again.

    The only constant is change – except from a vending machine, you never get chance from one of those.

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  8. pkadams says:

    VR world? Virus Recovery? Virtual Reality? Very Ruled? Vocal Rebels? 😉

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  9. numrhood says:

    as of years 4546-4547
    left off 2022


  10. M.B. Henry says:

    You forgot puzzles. The puzzle market is booming! I can’t find more puzzles ANYWHERE.

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  11. Rhonda says:

    Interesting post, Mitch. I wonder though if pollution won’t go down with more people working from home on a long term basis? That would be a great benefit.

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  12. A cheerful message, Mitch! I met a guy the other day day who has just opened a vape shop. Not my cup of tea, but I do admire his ingenuity! Turns out vape stores are one of the few essential services still allowed to be open right now, so he quite cleverly figured out how to open a business during an economic shut down and a quarantine.

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  13. There’s a new world a-comin’! I hope I live long enough to see what happens over the next few years. At 79, ya never know, but that doesn’t keep me from being fascinated.

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  14. Interesting perspective on things!

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  15. Pam Webb says:

    Then there are those who Zoom and those who are redecorating their rooms; some who plant; and tele-churching is an old idea become new.

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  16. Nice! I feel the “get to work” call right now. Just reconciled myself to living within the limits of ME/CFS in addition to migriane – which means writing is one ministry I can still engage in. What a “coincidence,” eh?

    BTW we figure the generation being incubated right now should be called the Quarantineals…😆

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  17. musingfusing says:

    Interesting considerations. In Christianity, lent is a season for reflection and pruning. It feels like this pandemic is enforcing a Lenten ethos globally (and beyond 40 days). It will be interesting to see what kind of world emerges from these circumstances.

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  18. “Romantic, um, enhancement – Games and books aren’t the only thing people under house arrest are doing with their time. Pure Romance, the princess of sex-toy sellers, has nearly doubled its online sales. Result? A baby boomlet is expected in early 2021. Looks like the current generation of Quaranteens (kids coming of age in the pandemic era) will be joined by a second wave of “Quaranteenies.””

    LOL. I can’t stop giggling. This is gold. 🙂

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  19. Our church is getting a lot more views online than we had worshippers at a given church service. I think people posting on Facebook the link led to some who never would have come otherwise to the building hearing the gospel message from home.

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  20. Ann Coleman says:

    Yeah, and I saw an interview on the news yesterday that said dictators and wannabe dictators are just loving this pandemic. Taiwan has already muzzled their press, and the head of Hungary just appointed himself as an absolute power. Protestors are being arrested at their homes in Hong Kong now that the demonstrators are off the streets. Sorta scary….

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  21. abetterman21 says:

    Puzzle market? Hmm, gotta have a thought about that. Insightful post!

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  22. I confess to ordering online for a long time now and it’s continuing. But, as you say, careers will shift. Miss the in person contact tho!

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  23. jwmin1 says:

    Reality is often better than conspiracy

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  24. Katie says:

    Increase in pet adoptions, has been my surprise news nugget of the pandemic.

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  25. handwclo says:

    I think under many circumstances the family unit is also benefiting. I know this is not the case for everyone, but many families are getting to spend time with each other that they would have otherwise not spent together. This is a blessing for many…I undertow may not be for everyone though.

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  26. Maybe something to consider is vacays be extended for the sake of planet earth as well

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