In Praise of Plotting

At the moment I’m holed up (who isn’t?), working on the “final final” structure of my novel, removing sequences and putting them back, adding sections and then taking them out. I know all the rules and apply them religiously, until I lose my religion and go on sinful agnostic editing binges. Then I repent, and restore the original sacred storyline. Somehow in the end, my story ends up seeing the light. Hallelujah.

Some things never change:

The First Writer and Editor: 'Take out that part?! Are you nuts? How is the stampede scene at the end of the cave going to make sense without it?!'

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17 Responses to In Praise of Plotting

  1. trE says:

    Haha @the cartoon! But, I am glad you’ve finished what you needed to finish for your novel.

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  2. janetsm says:

    I enjoyed this post. The cartoon was the icing on the cake!

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  3. GREAT cartoon!

    I’m holed up like everybody else, getting near the stampede scene at the end of the cave. It’s just my first draft, though. I still have all that taking out, putting back in, adding and removing yet to do.

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  4. Piano girl says:

    Definitely experiencing some second-guessing in my editing. 😬

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  5. I love it! Now, is it “plotting” or “plodding”?

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  6. smzang says:

    cabin fever is a force unto itself.

    At least you are doing something constructive.

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  7. So funny! Love the cartoon!

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  8. rahjomuelvin says:


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  9. exhebdenmick says:

    Hi Mitch, You’re holed up and I’m hunkered down – I wonder what that says?
    Love your piece, it rings so many bells.
    I have to ask on my own behalf, how many extensions can a structure have before it turns from a brownstone to a hacienda?

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  10. Terri Nida says:

    Hi Mitch! I can’t imagine how difficult that must be! Best wishes and prayers for you to find your way!

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