Binge-Watching Spring


Spring break is over. Which means my college-student daughter is getting dressed (changing into her studious pajamas) and heading back to school (returning to the laptop in her bedroom).

I’ve enacted the following changes: _______. Yep, nothing’s changed at my place of employment. I’m a writer, so I continue to work at my writing desk in my writing studio, a much farther commute than my daughter’s—across the hall from my bedroom. Of course, my income is also the same: $0. (Oh, the joys of writing on spec.) Just to mix things up, I’ve altered my workwear from hoodie, slippers and sweatpants to t-shirt slippers and sweatpants. Soon I’ll switch to my summer workwear: t-shirt, shorts and flipflops (minus the flipflops on casual Fridays).

Outside, however, everything has changed! It’s a virtual pandemic of color and wildlife!

  • Buds are bursting like popcorn
  • Squirrels, hopped-up on hormones, are completely ignoring the social distancing rule and fraternizing like, well, squirrels
  • Rabbits are back! They disappeared when a nomadic fox couple moved in last year (upside: our mole onslaught also off-slauted). But now the rabbits are there, silflaying on dandelions and eyeing one another suggestively
  • The deer are back, too! We love our neighbor-herd, but they disappeared during last year’s infamous fox invasion. Unlike squirrels, they’re big fans of social distancing, and seem quite happy that the foxes are gone and the humans have taken to watching them through windows, instead of throwing weird things called “treats” at them
  • The birds are talking dirty and, I suspect, sexting when we’re not looking

I seldom see other people these days. But the beasts and the buds are immune to this lockdown. Yes, I know I should get back to work, but instead I find myself spending more and more time…

Binge-watching spring.

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30 Responses to Binge-Watching Spring

  1. I am obsessed with my tomato plants!

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  2. Heidi Viars says:

    Mitch, I NEVER saw squirrels … you know … well … hmmm …. do their thing … until the other day. I had wondered why I have never seen that before???? You just shed light on that mystery, namely that I have had time to binge-watch spring (the R-rated version 🤭) until now.

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  3. boromax says:

    Ah, such a wondrous vision of profligate proximity and prolificity!

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  4. We’re having a similar explosion of color and fragrance in our neighborhood, except there are people everywhere – walking, jogging, biking, kids playing in the yards instead of on “devices,” (*Glory!*) dogs on leashes, babies in strollers, and smiles on everybody’s faces. 🙂

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  5. barbara runck says:

    me too


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  6. Clever Girl says:

    Ha! I have the same struggle; as soon as I sit down to write, I’m pulled by the sights and sounds of nature and must take myself outside. Don’t know if you’re still in Cali, but it’s the best time of year here!

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  7. Bill Sweeney says:

    I’m missing it! I think it’s time for me to go sit on the patio and catch up 🙂

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  8. Eliza says:

    I’m seriously jealous of you… you get to see deer??? I’d love to see pictures…
    Happy working when you get there 🙂 though being with god and nature is way better…

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  9. We’re still waiting for the latest dumping of snow to melt, so I take vicarious delight in your binge-watching of spring.

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  10. revruss1220 says:

    It’s the best kind of binge-watching there is!

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  11. So, we open the doors. My husband fills the finch feeder, the wild bird feeder and the hummingbird feeder. We listen all day to the birds, and an occasional song from the wind chimes. The hummingbird feeder is quite entertaining as almost every bird takes a turn getting their sugar fix. We see finches, small birds, hummingbirds, a beautiful Flamed Colored Tanager, and most comical, woodpeckers!! Now on occasion all feathers FLY when the Coopers Hawk drops in. He is beautiful and we believe he is attracted to our birdbath with water dripper. It certainly helps my work day to go by more peacefully. 😊

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  12. smzang says:


    I love the picture,

    and the changes are pretty neat too!

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  13. carhicks says:

    I went for a quick walk around the block on Wednesday and saw the neatest squirrel (no people though). The top half was brown and the back half was black. It was really odd looking. It is weird to see the world waking up and us hunkering down.

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  14. Kim Smyth says:

    How lucky are you?? We are watching spring come alive with budding, flowering, and squirrels having babies in our martin house that was left here from the previous owners. They have drug a stuffed animal that was one of the dog’s toys up there and part of it protrudes out of one of the holes, lol. Other times we see mama or the baby’s head’s poking out. Obviously, the birdhouse was not constructed correctly, the holes are way too large to be a Martin house, but that’s what we’ve got.

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  15. -Eugenia says:

    I love it – binge-watching spring! 🌸 🌼 🌻

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  16. andyd63 says:

    No squirrels here (the kids would go nuts if they saw one) but there are kookaburras and black cockatoos. They’re my therapist, I sit and watch and then feel more human.

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  17. ruthsoaper says:

    Just like the flu this one comes around every year. I am very susceptible. 🙂

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  18. Jennie says:

    Binge watching is great. Thank goodness this virus started at the beginning of spring – there’s always a rainbow.

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  19. gpavants says:


    Great stuff. Yes, it really is a season of renewal, preparing, and planning. I pray your time with the Lord deepens, your time with family enriches, and your creative time blossoms.

    In Christ,


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