img_5402My Featured Blogger this week is Vikash Goyal of KASHiVOLOGY. “Scattered and grown” (his words), Vikash lives in Kurseong, India. He describes himself as “a businessman by profession and an eavesdropper by choice,” who is inspired by the Beatles, among other musicians, and by the “voice of words” like those in the works of Dostoyevsky.

I’d describe him as a seeker, and an intriguing one. “Latched doors and concrete walls don’t stop the sound coming from within,” he says. Maybe that’s why he intrigues me. I’m guessing he will you, too.



And the feather of thought swayed with the lightness of the wind. They say, you have to be the wings of the bird to fly; to travel and unravel, to stay and drift, to be and be forgotten, to be seen and imagined, to be the truth and a lie.

The lights got dim, and the lamps burned out. It was dark. I stayed sprawled on the floor for days, with nothing to eat and nowhere to go, I lost sense of time and hunger. The stars and sun had long become a fantasy, and what remained of the world was the thought of what it used to be or what it could become. Remaining in that fetal position I waited for the world to born. I waited for water, I waited for life, I waited for God and I waited for death. Nothing came to pull me out of…

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2 Responses to THiRST

  1. K.L. Hale says:

    Very intriguing indeed. I read several of his posts. Dwelling on some of the thoughts and words right in “the present”. And enjoying life at this very second. Thank you!

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  2. I’m intrigued by the thought of being lost and yet feeling no pain, no desire.
    I have read that extreme dehydration can turn off the part of the brain that registers thirst – In other words, it’s possible to be so thirsty that you don’t realize you’re thirsty at all. Contemplating the spiritual significance of this …

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