in regards to Foghat

life_street_old_city_windows_ladies_portrait_people-506494My Featured Blogger this week is MB (M Brazfield) of Words Less Spoken. MB is a self-described Gen-Xer who grew up in urban Los Angeles and in her youth haunted the streets and clubs of that sprawling metropolis. She struggled with anxiety and depression, with finding a livable rhythm to life. All of which shows up in her post-beat poetry, her art, and her rhythmic prose. Her work is intriguing, challenging, sometimes beautiful, sometimes exasperating. In other words, it’s real, she’s real…

And her journey is everyone’s.

words less spoken

At 21, I didn’t know two things; how I got through 4 years of college and who played “Slow Ride.” But grunge was growing on me and I still had Miles and Monk, maybe a little Ginger Baker in between.

I also didn’t know what to do other than just ‘party.’ Code for self medicating and wasting life away on account of being lost in the City of Angels.

I was of the streets; my family had good bones, some education, jobs, the normal shit. I didn’t, however we were all lost together but galaxies apart.

I’d walk listening to the organically mechanical jazz of the city. Notes of deep blue pain, orange notes of sorrow, pink notes of hope and black atomic scary love oozing out of the trumpets heralding our demise. Us, all walks of life, us in that beautifully grotesque melting pot of angst.

Needless to say…

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  1. revruss1220 says:

    Raw, real, and revealing. Thanks for introducing us to another eloquent voice, Mitch.

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  2. This was extraordinary. Thank you for sharing it, Mitch!

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  3. This is some good stuff, Mitch. You really work hard to find the good stuff. Your posts are something that I look for. Thank you.

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