Object Lesson

So it turns out I’m a master of the ancient and venerated art of Feng Shui!

imagesAnd all this time I just thought I had OCD.


Note: The above is meant strictly as a self-tease. My OCD is fairly handle-able (wasted time, mostly), and even provides something of a silver lining to my writing. But for some, it can be an arduous and life-altering condition.

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31 Responses to Object Lesson

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  2. Heidi Viars says:

    Your picture could be in an “I SPY” (Walter Wick) book. Don’t look it up. It might be way too scary! 😳

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  3. Kim Smyth says:

    Me too! It’s funny that I have had the same thought-that Feng Shui and OCD was very similar, of course, I could be wrong! I used to get in so much trouble at work for “correcting” other’s workspaces instead of just my own, lol. My husband always complains about it too. I can’t just have my own area a certain way, I want his to stay that way also. Do you have that tendency?

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  4. Judy Kim says:

    I find the image strangely soothing πŸ™‚

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  5. Nancy Ruegg says:

    I’m surprised you’re OCDness didn’t pick up on the little plastic bottle, right side. It’s off center from the tape measure above it. Glad to be of help.

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  6. smzang says:


    My nemesis is the light switch. There are 4 on a single plate as you enter
    and 4 at the other end of the hall that control the same lights. If I turn
    a light on when I enter and turn it off at the other end of the hall, I have to
    backtrack to set those on the same panel in the same direction, or I have
    to turn all four of the lights on as I enter and turn all of them off at the other
    end of the hall to keep the switches in alignment. Nobody knows that except
    you now, along with your 9,894 followers What have I done!!!!

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  7. The therapist I used to see for PTSD believes that a little OCD is a good thing. “I encourage it in all my clients,” he said.

    He also calls himself the “antisocial social worker.” He does not do social media, he does not text, and the phone he carries around is an old flip phone. I miss my flip phone.

    I don’t understand why “everything must be perfect” is supposed to be a bad thing. Hmm, I bet I can Photoshop that picture and straighten up the little plastic bottle…

    I wonder how the Japanese wabi-sabi would work with Chinese feng shui? I would ask my old therapist, but he would just tell me to go to my happy place. I’m tired of my happy place. It needs redecorating.

    Thanks for the break, Mitch. Back to my writing…

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  8. Alien Resort says:

    I need to start keeping my yellows together–thanks for the reminder.

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  9. calico1948 says:

    I have 3 light switches in the hallway and even after 15 years in the house I can not for the life of me figure out what one of them does…I flip it and nothing comes on and nothing makes a sound…the other two work in opposing rooms one in hall one in adjacent room…its just not supposed to do that.

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  10. so do you have yellow clothes to match all these yellow accessories?
    You must at least have yellow shoes …
    I mean, that’s a lot of yellow.

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  11. Does anyone else hang clothes in the closet arranged by shades of color, so it looks like a prism or rainbow? (What do we do with prints?)

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  12. Did I see Mr. Peanut?

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  13. gpavants says:

    Hi Mitch,

    It’s all in the right terminology at the right time. Funny, right how we name issues.



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