the day after

tati-tonyMy Featured Blogger this week is Tetiana (Tati) Aleksina of Unbolt Me. English is not Tati’s native language, but you’d never know it. Her unexpected, sometimes startling (and occasionally profane) poetry is more nuanced than that of most born-to-it speaker/bloggers. (She shares her blog site with Tony Single, incidentally, and sometimes co-writes with him.) 

“Absurdism, fantasy, surrealism.” These are words Tati uses to describe her writing. True enough, but most of all, I think, she simply captures impressions, as many of the best poets do,

That reveal more than mere facts ever could.

unbolt me

there are many things
i just cannot comprehend
why give them head space
why enshrine them in my heart
go ahead and call me fool

i wish only peace
serenity for the soul
merely do my best
i don’t need to beat a drum
nor have any notice me

someone conquers mars
someone sells bad bananas
someone invents worth
none of this matters to me
remember? i am a fool

you can laugh at me
but when you’ve become bankrupt
(i don’t mean money)
i’ll be gone, so far away
basking in another day

© All rights reserved 2019

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4 Responses to the day after

  1. Tony Single says:

    Thanks so much, Mitch. Tati and I had a lot of fun writing this one!

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  2. trE says:

    I love them! They’ been around for years and are a great team! Clever, witty, quick with the quips, and talented too. Great selection, Mitch!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely piece–evocative and stirring. : )

    Liked by 1 person

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