A Lesson on Achieving from Harry Potter

My Featured Blogger this week is Meschach Kanyion. I don’t know much about Meschach, except that he’s a pastor who says “I study the life of Jesus so that I can become like him and help others do the same.” Meschach frequently reaches beyond expected boundaries to do this, as in the post below. But then that’s what I like about him. I always come away with a fresh new handful of “ahas.” I’m guessing you will too!

CaptureOne of the more advanced tricks of a magicians trade in Harry Potter is the ability to apparate. That is, the ability to disappear from one location and appear in a completely different location — also known as teleportation.

I typically do not geek out on stuff like this, and throughout the entire Harry Potter series I wasn’t impressed that adult witches and wizards could apparate as a mode of quick travel. However, in the sixth book of the series, when it was time for Harry and his classmates to learn how to apparate, my interest was piqued.

This ghostly teacher named Twycross, a man that looked like he was in the process of apparating himself right out of physical reality, explained to the students that if they wanted to learn how to apparate they would need to become well acquainted with the three D’s.

  1. Destination: “Fix your mind firmly upon the desired destination.”
  2. Determination: “Focus your determination to occupy the visualized space! Let your yearning to enter in flood from your mind to every particle of your body!”
  3. Deliberation: “Turn on the spot, feeling your way into nothingness, moving with deliberation!”

If you read my blogs regularly you know why this would catch my attention, and where I am headed next.

The 3 D’s of apparating apply to much more than fictional teleportation, but these rules are important whenever someone is trying to accomplish something great or small, or become a different kind of person…

To finish A Lesson on Achieving from Harry Potter, click here.

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3 Responses to A Lesson on Achieving from Harry Potter

  1. ELA on the MOVE says:

    Love this.

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  2. Destination,Determination, and Deliberation!! What a great lesson from Harry Potter for our Christian walk. Thank you!

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