Buildings: The Beautiful and the Bizarre

I love architecture. Houses, office buildings, churches, museums–the beautiful and the bizarre. Just don’t bother me with the boring! What’s that? Haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet? How about a nice new home or headquarters for your booming business? Here are some lovely prospects–many of them are for sale or for rent!

(Click on any image to enlarge it, or to start slide show)

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29 Responses to Buildings: The Beautiful and the Bizarre

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

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  2. OMG, OMG – I want the teapot house. Pleeeeaassse …

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  3. Lady Quixote says:

    These are great! Which one is your house, Mitch?

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  4. lynn__ says:

    WOW! My son is an associate architect…these are really creative!

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  5. boromax says:

    What a wonderful collection. So fun! ..and… AMAZING!!!

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  6. delphini510 says:

    This is an incredible collection of buildings showing what knowledge and art / fun can create.
    Started picking some but there were so many that I would need a viewing first. 😊.


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  7. Pam Webb says:

    Flabbergasted. If we are voting—check me off for the Kansas library.

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  8. Form follows function? Frank Lloyd Wright must be spinning in his grave. 😉

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    • What is it about Wright’s architecture? Is it his respect for the natural surroundings into which one of his buildings was placed? There is something almost “Japanese” about that or perhaps “Feng shui.” Some modern buildings seem to be an insult to the natural surroundings, a sort of imposition of human will upon nature. The surroundings seem to be relegated to being a just a frame around vaunted human creations.

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  9. jonahyawi says:

    Great collection. But one other thing. The locals in the island of New Guinea have tree house designs built from bush materials and the all bunch of families can live there for up to 30 plus years 😀. Cheers!

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    • mitchteemley says:

      I’ll check it out, Jonah. My dream as a kid was to live in a big, elaborate Swiss Family Robinson-style tree house!

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      • Ha ha. One of my fondest memories was a tree platform, left by earlier kids, in a big old So. Cal. Pepper Tree, which stood next to a tiny neighborhood grocery, across the street from our grade school. Often, we’d skip lunch, then after school spend our lunch money on a pocketful of penny-candy. We’d then climb the tree, lie back on that platform, high above the world (to us) and blissfully munch our candy, surveying the blue sky through those lacy, spice-scented leaves.

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      • mitchteemley says:

        Kid-heaven. I’d recognize it anywhere!


  10. These definitely aren’t boring! The Tree Stump House looks just like the Baba Yaga house in my book of Russian fairy tales. Quite a surprise to see it in this compilation.

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  11. Tony Fine says:

    Some truly creative people out there. Amazing.

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  12. Looked at the all these again. Three thoughts:
    1. Hollywood location scouts should be all over this. 🙂
    2. The Earth’s surface has become a platform for whimsical construction art.
    3. Curiously, China, one of the most *politically* repressive regimes, is the Mecca for this type of free-form architectural whimsy. I wish I could have recorded more of it but it’s hard to grab a quick shot from a moving tour bus. 😉

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