Thank You, God, For Not Making Me Handsome!


I discovered when I was young that I loved everything to do with storytelling. I wrote poems, short stories, songs, and created such poignant scenes in front of the bathroom mirror that I swear it cried. (Well, I know I did.)

By the time I finished high school, I was Mr. Theatre, and had begun to envision a career as a movie star. I mean, I was handsome-ish. Heck, I’d played leading men in our high school productions! But college theatre was different. It was a bigger pond, with a lot more fish. Result? I often lost out to handsomer fish.

Then I made the rounds in Hollywood. Forget bigger ponds, this was the freakin’ Pacific Ocean of acting! And it was full of really handsome fish, many of whom could actually act.

Result? I had time to write. And as I wrote, I began to realize two things: 1) Writing was my main gig–always had been; 2) But I would never have realized it if God hadn’t closed the movie star door (along with a slew of others). George Clooney writes. So does Ben Affleck. But good looks predetermined they would mainly be movie stars.

Good-ish looks predetermined I would mainly not.

Boo-hoo, right? No! Yay!

I know this all sounds pretty on-the-nose, but my point isn’t so much “Be grateful for closed doors” as it is “Be really, really grateful for closed doors!” Why? Because they enable us to move on. They’re the thousand unsuccessful filaments Thomas Edison went through before he found the one that lights up. So pray, push, and move on. Oh, sure, just praying would be nice. But we’re spiritual toddlers, folks. We need object lessons–constantly–or we’ll never get it!

There’s a simplistic expression, “When God closes one door, he opens another.” But I think the reality is more like (God speaking), “Dude! I’ve been trying to get your attention for years! See, there’s this door I created for you, and… Dude? Hello? OK, fine, I’ll just close every one of these doors until… Dude! You know, considering I made you in my image, you should be a lot smarter than you are!” 

Six years later:

“Aha! So you finally found it! (A lot more prayer would have helped, you know.) Now, as I was saying…”

What doors has God graciously closed for you?

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27 Responses to Thank You, God, For Not Making Me Handsome!

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Not being super handsome probably saved you from being MK Ultraed by the CIA, Mitch.

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  2. Paula Light says:

    God saved me from being super wealthy and having to stress about tripping over my stacks of cash whenever I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. What a relief!

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  3. Pretty sure Our Father was repeating himself – He’s entitled, respectfully – when he said, “Dude! I’ve been trying to get your attention for years!“ So, true. I’ve heard it nearly verbatim. Wealth & Fame. I would’ve been horrible under either/both of those delusions. I’ve moved on. Great post, Mitch.

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  4. I can see, with you, one thing was leading another. You entered one door first and moved on to enter another bigger door. God is gracious to close doors behind when He wants us to move on to something He has for us. Great post, Mitch!

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  5. Thankfully God closed the door to the delusional way of thinking that I had to be doing something to be happy and lead me to the portal of Positivity that propelled me into a different way of being. Namely, I refer to that as Being a Person Full of Happiness.

    Before I felt the Void and always sought to fill it. God closed the door on the empty fillings of the Material World and opened the door to the wholesome fulfilling feelings that come from honest and humble connection to the Grand Divine.

    And now, it feels as though every door is open and they all lead where I need them to go.

    Back to God.

    The only ONE that ever made things worth moving for.

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  6. smzang says:

    He was certainly generous in the gifts your door revealed.

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  7. yakpro2015 says:

    Thank you for this posting. I can certainly relate.Hope all is and blessings to you and your family.

    Joe & Samii Yakovetic

    4480 Powderhorn Place Clermont, Florida 34711

    mobile: 909.241.6088

    SDG Soli Deo Gloria “To God Alone the Glory”

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  8. I love this, Mitch!

    Closed doors help us to find the open ones! I think for me, I’ve walked through open doors and then thought, “I don’t belong here. This is too good for me.” Then I doubt; I sabotage myself. I feel like I’m in this place right now, actually. I’m looking for confirmation and hoping that if /when I receive it that I can own it and walk confidently in this new space. (long story there…)

    I love that you are the perfect amount of handsome to share your gift of writing with the world. Truly, my life has been enriched for it! 🙂


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  9. meenawalia says:

    Sometimes we dont have the courage to open the new door and keep banging for the old door to open again

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  10. So do I, more like banging my HEAD on the old door. …

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  11. Mitch, you are like the male version of the character Liz in my book “Counselor.” There’s even a line where the Counselor tells her plainly, “Liz, you’re not an actress, you’re a writer.” Great minds think alike? Or maybe immature minds need the same correction… 😉

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  12. Abigail Eyo says:

    This is a beautiful post. Please kindly read mine. Thank you.

    * Her Pain, Her Loss and her Gain*

    *Note: *what you are about to read is the heart of a girl that has been drowning in the deepest sea for the last 17yrs, but just as God parted the read sea out of his love for the children of isrealite , this heart has been parted out of love for you and I. This heart remains undisclosed until further notice. Love, HER.


    Most people often wished for their childhood days but not HER, her childhood is something she always dreaded and guess what_ she’s still haunted ( not Halloween hunt👹). She always wanted a big family with love, they did have love but she wished dad was there to wake her up, take her to school, bath her every single day….it’s not what you are thinking right now, NO, dad is still kicking strong he’s very much alive (sign!) The nature of Dad’ job made this wishes only a dream, Yes, she was and always will be daddy’s little girl 😎.

    She always thought Mom had a favorite (don’t we all😒) I certainly did, but I was able to get closure and sadly she didn’t, and still thinks mom had her favorite. Growning from age 1- 5 is still isn’t picture clear to her and she certainly wonders how contestants on TV shows remember they’ve been singing/ dancing since age one, I wonder too 🤔because I certainly can remember what I did at age 1-2, oh you do? Lucky you.

    Early years as an African child is not a ride in the park, you must chop ‘koboko’ if you know you know. Being raised in a home where both mom and dad are disciplinarians is exhausting, ask any Nigerian child for the details. Going to church on Sundays is not negotiable even if you’re about to die🤣. Having dad has a ‘Pastor’, you are subjected to a certain kind of lifestyle (your life ain’t yours). Dad travels as usual, then came the storm😥😪…..

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  13. Abigail Eyo says:

    Welcome to PLG hope you enjoy our story and appreciate a broken heart.

    *Then Came The Storm:*

    A heavy discharge of misfortune just like a thief in the night, an unforeseen circumstance that leaves Her with a broken heart. She finds herself in a barracks (you all want to know how she got there? I want to know too😔) Wait, what! Mom’s pregnant🤰, that’s supposed to be a good news right? What’s going on? Can someone please tell me what’s happening 😱😱

    She was told to get anointing oil (trust our spiritual Nigerian parent, they don’t joke with that) She sees her aunt apply the oil on her mom, ok that’s definitely going to work 😤.

    *It’s Morning🧘*

    Waking up in the morning as a Nigerian child entails greeting everyone you see ( òmó dàdá), but what happens when you wake up to an empty house only to step out and the first thing you hear is ‘Akpa’ ( Efik language) meaning death. With a confused mind and a trembling heart she seeks to know who’s dead😲. Mom! Mom! Mom! Where’s mom? She can’t be dead right? She’s pregnant with her baby brother (she’s always wanted one). But did she get to have one?

    *Let’s Discuss: *Do you think ‘Her’ got to have a baby brother? Leave a comment. Please don’t forget to like our blog and subscribe. Let’s see who gets it right!💃

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  14. I haven’t known exactly what kind of doors that has been closed for me, but I feel like I’ve been kicked out from doing what exactly that is not my thing, so I kinda feel like… saved. I guess.

    I keep mulling things what would happen if I keep doing what would have happened if I hadn’t dropped out of business school. Perhaps I would have had an easier time looking for jobs, but I might not be happy in doing that…

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  15. Ann Coleman says:

    Very true! So often, what we think we want and what is actually best for us are two different things. I’m sure I don’t even know all the doors that were closed for me (in a good way), but I can certainly name a few: the handsome senior guy of my college years who did not return my love, the huge house by the highway that my husband and desperately wanted to buy but that was snatched up by someone else before we could, the longed-for book contracts that didn’t come through with publishing companies that would have been so wrong for me, etc……

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  16. Mia Winhertt says:

    Lovely post, Mitch! I especially loved the part where you put down so wittily how God would be talking (or rather, screaming to get our attention) to us! 😅

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  17. Taylor Grace says:

    This is exactly what I need to hear today, like in this exact moment, so thank you for that xoxo

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  18. revruss1220 says:

    I used to think God closed the door of my future in the advertising and public relations business so I would find my way to the door marked, “Ministry.” Actually, I think God said something more like, “Right business, Russell. But wrong client. Come work for ME!”

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  19. Ah those closed doors… lovely post!

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