Brussels Sprouts

c9860032b2efd3f7b74a19d01a423eb9-young-boys-pretty-picturesMy Featured Blogger this week is John Malone of the same-named blog site. John is a Brit (I think), but beyond that I know little, except what he reveals in his writing. Which I very much enjoy, and which is why he’s my Featured Blogger this week. John writes, by his own description, “cheeky, compassionate, quirky” poems and stories. And that’s pretty much spot-on (note the example below). After all, how many poems have you read about the abrasive personality traits of Brussels Sprouts?

Read and enjoy!

John Malone

brussels sprouts

Tight-fisted , they are hard

as knuckles and spoiling

for a fight


as they tumble like marbles

on to the floor , little green foot-

balls begging me


to sink the boot in ;

even under the knife

they are tough


as nails covering themselves

in layers like Chinese

boxes or onions ;


they leap around

in the saucepan like

boxers’ fists ;


ten minutes later

I swallow them ; anything

might happen

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2 Responses to Brussels Sprouts

  1. Ryan says:

    I loved the imagery!

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  2. gpavants says:

    Hi Mitch,

    Fun stuff.

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