Celebrate Yourself!

Those who’ve read my past posts will know I’m not a fan of the self-esteem movement. Nevertheless, I do believe that, just as acknowledging our failings is important, there are times and ways in which self-appreciation is equally wise, healthy and necessary.

1978cIt’s my 40th Journalversary! Say what? I’ve just discovered that I wrote my first Journal entry 40 years ago, and have continued journaling (with a few lapses) ever since. Apart from the beard (recently re-grown and a smidge whiter), I’m a different guy from that kid rowing on the Thames River. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we’re family—closer than brothers, actually. But I’ve grown in ways he didn’t. Beard2Then again, I think it’s safe to say I’ve grown because of him. I’ve read his journal entries and learned a lot from him–about what to do and, especially, what not to do. One thing we have in common: He loved God. And so do I. Only my love for God is less naïve, more mature. Thanks to him.

In the past I might have said, “Well, that’s cool” and pushed on. But not anymore. I’ve learned—and I know this sounds suspiciously narcissistic—to celebrate myself. What I mean, actually, is to celebrate significant personal milestones by entering them in my online Calendar as “Repeat every year” events, and then taking the time to celebrate them when they pop up.

And since Journaling has been a key component in my growth as a “spiritual being having a human experience” (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin), I choose to celebrate it. I do the same with my Renewal, the moment 5 ½ years ago this month that I began memorizing, meditating upon and praying Scriptures, a practice that has resulted in a dramatic rejuvenation of my spiritual life.

I think of these events as private holidays, by which I mean I celebrate them only with myself (although my wife knows about them). Unlike public holidays, I don’t take the day off, or send flowers. But I do take the time to thank God and celebrate the milestone.

Personal accomplishments matter. They remind us that, while our lives are, as the idiom goes, “a work in progress,” there has been progress. Most of our days, weeks, and months are (to borrow another idiom) “three steps forward, two steps back.” Personal milestone celebrations can encourage us by reminding us that at least it’s not the reverse! Or if it is, they can remind us that it has not always been so, and encourage us to empty the trash and reboot!

So, keep it in balance, but if there’ve been personal milestones in your life—and I know there have—schedule a few annual events. Then take a moment when each comes up to…

Celebrate yourself!

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39 Responses to Celebrate Yourself!

  1. Fisherofmen says:

    Great post. I agree with you I’m not to sold in the self-esteem movement as well. It can seem at some times that it pushes for people to praise themselves and celebrate themselves a little too much. It’s nothing wrong with acknowledging your self worth and values but everything is with a balance.

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  2. Bill Sweeney says:

    Congratulations, Mitch! I think keeping a journal is great. I like your Keith Green look back in the day 🙂 you’re still a handsome guy.

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  3. “… empty the trash and reboot!” Well said!

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  4. Celebrating your personal growth is very much a redeeming quality of your new life in the Vine, and I hope you continue to share with us what you are learning. 🙂

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  5. Amen! When we can learn to celebrate ourselves, then we can celebrate others so much better, too. Happy journalversary!

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  6. atimetoshare.me says:

    Time has been good to you.

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  7. Wow. And look how much you have grown and learned in this time!

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  8. nancyehead says:

    Congratulations, Mitch! I love the idea of private holidays! Thanks and God bless!

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  9. laronda65 says:

    I think recognizing your progress can give you hope for your potential. Being God-loving and God-trusting is what makes the difference in how you define your potential. I think even if I reach 90, I’ll look back at my 80’s and wish I’d known then “what I know now.” This was nice! Thanks.

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  10. laronda65 says:

    Makes me think of Alice: I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.

    And Shel Silverstein’s take on her:
    by Shel Silverstein
    She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME
    And up she grew so tall,
    She ate from a plate called TASTE ME
    And down she shrank so small.
    And so she changed, while other folks
    Never tried nothin’ at all.

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  11. Ron Bouchard says:

    Love the beard! I feel like I can relate to you in a closer way. Strange, right? I don’t know why; maybe it’s because I have some weird hang up; like never trusting a guy without facial hair! After all God gave it to us guys. Thanks Mitch. I was looking forward to the pics. God bless brother.

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  12. gregoryjoel says:

    Fantastic post Mitch. I’m not a fan of the self-esteem movement either. In fact, I’m quite leery of anything that has “self” in front of it. It tends to be a red light for me in my relation with God. I meet with failure and frustration every time I start acting on “self”. Who I am is unimportant. Who’s I am is everything.

    That being said, I celebrate the life I get to live today because of God’s infinite love and grace. God knows (pun intended) that I sure didn’t deserve it. I hope when I’m on my way to the place Jesus prepared for me in His Father’s house I will be remembered for loving others and showing my gratitude by my actions.

    Thanks again and have a great weekend.

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  13. Mark Johnson says:

    Forty years of journal entries … and still going strong. Congratulations, Mitch. That’s most definitely worth celebrating!

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  14. Alien Resort says:

    A private holiday sounds like a great idea. But I don’t think I could resist telling everyone about it.

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  15. Great post ! And I like the beard

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  16. Great points. Taking time to mark milestones helps us to see how God impacts our life.

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  17. I love this. I’ve practiced celebrating myself for years. My mother told me to do it. I was a golf widow. I was angry all the time with my husband because I was at home with four small children. I started to celebrate him being gone instead of fuming. His golf days became our fun days when we ate as we wanted and watched movies.

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  20. BoardFlak says:

    I have no problem with celebrating my successes so long as I remember I am a child of God before anything else.

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