Public Art

I’ve been pretty public about my love of public art. At its best, public art (large or small, authorized or un) is brilliantly or at least cleverly executed, and fits knowingly in its surroundings, intentionally altering them. Here’s a gallery of some current favorites!

(Click on any image to enlarge or to start slide show)

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22 Responses to Public Art

  1. says:

    They’re all amazing but I think the best is the hands and arms coming from the tunnel. Are hese all in your area of the country?

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  2. I’ve decided that the bear is peering into the offices of Merrill Lynch.

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  3. Wow!

    Several years ago I took a picture of a freight train as it passed by me. Along with the typical graffiti, painted in big, calligraphy style letters were these words: Making Trains Beautiful. 😀

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  4. fipwmum says:

    I like the crocodile/alligator and the old lady above the door who looks like she is coming out at you. Many talented people.

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  5. iballrtw says:

    All great, especially the exploding building.

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  6. A.P. says:

    Absolutely incredible, once again.

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  7. You would love Richmond, Virginia!

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  8. So amazing. I love these.

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  9. sandymancan says:

    I too love public art if it persuades and not degrade inspires! not provoking all that is dire, then I’m sold when it doesn’t impose. Placed unwelcomely on someone else’s land it’s just graffiti out of hand.

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  10. In Public Art, there is a message to be found. With some, it may be hidden in the artists’ mind yet in others all is very clear. There should be an endowment for this activity. Great post.

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  11. cricketmuse says:

    Look up the Troll of Fremont Bridge in Seattle. I know you will like this critter.

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  12. I’m just amazed at what people can do with a spray can of paint

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  13. Something had been happening between my computer and WordPress so it has kept me from “liking” your posts but I have been reading faithfully! I’m also a big fan of public art and always happy to see more. Great post! I always enjoy good advertisements also….for some people it’s the only art they are exposed to on a regular basis!

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  14. JPEG Wall says:

    Public art is simply amazing.
    Thanks for sharing!

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  16. Megan Horton says:

    I like this because it shows the beauty of art that you would see on the streets.

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