The 7 Modern Sins

7 Modern SIns

Some things never change.

(Thanks to Gregory Joel for introducing me to this quote)

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12 Responses to The 7 Modern Sins

  1. Relevant today for sure!

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  2. gregoryjoel says:

    One of my favorites Mitch!

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  3. CJ Hartwell says:

    If only we all lived by these lessons!
    Though you might say one of those old-timey deadly sins (and probable my worst bugaboo), Pride, is at the heart of most of these. 😉

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  4. Liz Abridged says:

    It seems the upcoming generations are striving for the ‘withouts’ and missing the lessons one learns along the way.

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  5. Let’s take a closer look at them:
    pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth
    Pride is the irrational belief that you are the best thing since sliced bread. The selfie trend, the belief that you are above the law or convention of society…Pleasure above responsibility, politics without principles.
    Greed would be industry without morality.
    Lust would again be Pleasure without conscience
    Envy actually doesn’t show up in the new list but is a motivation factor in taking short cuts and doing disreputable things to the person that has/does more.
    Gluttony is over consumption: we eat too much, we drink too much, we spend too much, we binge watch. That would be pleasure without conscience.
    Wrath? Road rage, revenge, abuse, those didn’t make the modern list.
    Sloth! Wealth without work.
    Knowledge without Character, Science without humanity, those are mental sins. When you act on them, it shows up as envy and pride. The way these 2 concepts are put in the new list suggests that the underlying desire is to put yourself at an unfair advantage. Seeking knowledge without considering character factors is pure research. The use of the knowledge gained without regard to character would be the sin. The application of the science without regard to humanity would be the sin. It is a mental sin, and a sin nevertheless, but it isn’t an observable sin until someone acts on it.
    Worship without sacrifice is slippery. We cannot know what a person’s sacrifice is. Only God knows. The only ones that know if there is worship without sacrifice are the participant and God

    The result is that the modern list eliminates some of the previous egregious sins, and renames the rest of them.

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  6. Oh, for all the intellect of the past. To truly understand the message takes each individual applying the thoughts to themselves and accepting others for their opinions. Try to find what is most practical. Great post Mitch.

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  7. John S says:

    GREAT POST MITCH Mitch if you do have time to read this, I would love to share with you whymy personal theme for the next 16 months is END STRONG BEGIN NEW, or sometimes I say FINISH STRONG BEGIN NEW.It would be great to call you and share it over the phone, but I do not have your number.If you would rather just have me share it this way that is OK, just let me know.


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  8. Indeed, nice share!

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  9. gpavants says:


    Powerful stuff! That says it all about our times. It hits all aspects of our society, even the church.

    In Christ,


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