Tell Me Why

My Featured Blogger this week is Bereaved Single Dad (I’m afraid I don’t know his name), a widowed Englishman with wit, hope, and an indomitable spirit.

Sometimes he’s funny, sometimes he rants, but he’s always engaging. Bottom line: He cares. Which makes me care.

He’ll make you care, too!

A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his Partner and becoming a single parent.

In my voice – Tell me why

  • My partner was taken from us when she was so young.
  • The system continually fails our son.
  • The Government can find billions to bribe other parties to keep it in power but can’t find the money to fund education support for the kids who need it.
  • I don’t sleep anymore.
  • They say the world is getting smaller yet I feel so isolated.
  • Chocolate has so many blooming calories.
  • Hair doesn’t like growing on my head yet it sprouts like an Amazonian Forest on the back of the my hands.
  • The cat continually finds a way into the wardrobe.
  • I can’t find any socks in this house.
  • They never made a Captain Scarlet movie.

In our son’s voice – Tell me why

  • My mum had to die.
  • Both my grannies had to die.
  • My hamster had to die.
  • My girl cat who was like…

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4 Responses to Tell Me Why

  1. I totally agree! I adore this man, his journey, his heart, his pictures, and his struggle. I just started blogging in May, and he has been an inspiration. Thank God for his sense of humor too 🙂

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  2. I love this blog also. I believe his name is Gary! I love his humor, wit, and sensitivity plus he is a great dad! Kudos to you for highlighting such a great guy! He can use all of our support as he tries to raise his son!

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  3. Tamara says:

    Great choice, Mitch! I follow this fellow, and he seems to be a wonderful soul. BTW, I have an orange and white, male tabby that looks exactly like the cats in the featured photo! xxxooo

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