Jesus Go!

Jesus Go thumbA few years back Pokémon GO became the most popular game app of all time. It still is, actually, although it doesn’t get as much publicity now. The premise of the first game to popularize augmented reality (AR), was simple and addictive: Go! Capture! and Train! 

When my daughters explained the rules, I said, “Wait! Jesus came up with that first!” In Matthew 28:19, 20, he tells his followers to “Go into all the world, tell people the good news (capture their hearts), and make disciples of them (train them to pass it on).” Why? Because apart from knowing Him (you gotta know before you can go), it’s the most important thing you’ll ever do!

I liked the idea so much, I wrote a short script* about a teenage girl, her Pokémon-obsessed kid brother, and a man who tells them just what I told my daughters. I also got some friends together and shot a 4 minute movie.** Here it is:

* If you’d like to read or download the script, click here.

** If you’d like to download a copy of the movie, click here.

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33 Responses to Jesus Go!

  1. Heidi Viars says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you for sharing the video, your talent, and ultimately Jesus 🙂

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  2. You have a big gift…and a big faith. Thank you for making them visible and teachable! Well done!

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  3. This is very well done.

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  4. riverlifepsalms1 says:

    Totally loving this message that the Lord gave you Mitch!!

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  5. numrhood says:

    matthew 53:44, 45, he tells that got injured for his transgressions, he borne his sins, he says “with my stripes, thou shall be healed.”

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  6. IanC555 says:

    The video makes it easy. My spouse got hooked into that game (yes, even seniors…at the younger end get silly). Around the neighborhood walking, driving or out shopping, it was not uncommon for him to just turn left or right for no reason; circling around until he zeroed in. Was so embarrassing! LOL. If I recall, there were a LOT of terrible mis-steps and accidents people found themselves in by not paying attention to real life through real spirit and God’s real creation.

    Point taken, Mitch…and well stated and artfully so.


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  7. laronda65 says:

    Already share it with my teen’s youth group leader! 👍🏼

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  8. Ann Coleman says:

    What a great video! You’re a very good writer, Mitch!

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  9. Loved the video. WOuld like to share it on twitter and fb

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  11. This is absolutely fabulous!!! Such a great little movie and message!

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  12. Way too cool! 😁

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  13. Whatsapp DP Pictures says:

    thank you mitchteemley
    Good luck to you

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  14. Vicky Love says:

    Great job! Wow. Go capture and train. Woot woot!

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  15. Chase says:

    Very cool. I never got into the Pokemon Go, but I have several friends who did. I love how you break down the Great Commission into something simple and straight forward. Excellent job, Thanks for sharing!

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  16. learningfree! says:

    Lol love this!!!

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