The Most Amazing Lie in History!

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26 Responses to The Most Amazing Lie in History!

  1. I had no idea and I love stories about spies! Thank you for posting this!

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  2. IanC555 says:

    I usually say more than this, but I have nothing more to say, really then…WOW! And something else, too…THAT IS INCREDIBLE! Thanks!

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  3. What a great story! At the same, it’s sobering to think that even more lives would have been lost if not for Pujol’s efforts.

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  4. I loved this story, thank you 😊

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  5. Jeffrey Haberman says:

    This story would make a great film! Thanks for posting it.

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  6. So … this is a true story??? If it is, why weren’t we told about this in history class? ):-( I definitely would have enjoyed that subject more if stories like this had been included.
    – I think you have the storyline for your next movie.

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  7. I have no words! What a fantastic story!!

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  8. Eric says:

    Stories like this one give me goosebumps. I stand in awe of people who rise to such occasions. Thanks for sharing it.

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  9. Harry Whitt says:

    Incredible story! It is amazing how many people struggle to find their niche in life but when they do–WOW!

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  10. Ann Coleman says:

    I think it is so difficult for us to realize just how amazing D-Day was. The sacrifice, the planning, the heroes who willingly sacrificed for our freedom… should never be forgotten.

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  11. Bill Sweeney says:

    Great story, Mitch. I love reading and watching movies about the courageous resistance in WW2. I am shocked that there’s never been a movie about Pujol.

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  12. What an amazing story of how a most unlikely person can be so important.
    I understood a little how he felt at the cemetery above Omaha Beach. When we were there last fall we were also moved to tears by the sacrifice of so many. But how wonderful that a veteran helped Pujol to realize how many he had helped save!

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  13. The facts never lie no matter how often the truth was stretched beyond belief. We seem to miss the times that God has his hands in that which matters.

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  14. Jennie says:

    Great story!

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