A Life-Changer

Three years ago this month, we began production on Over-the-Rhine, my first feature film as a writer-director-producer. I’d made many short films over the years, but this was the first time anyone had ever put up the funding necessary for a feature.

Over-the-Rhine has since won over twenty film awards and nominations, and is slated for release later this year. I’m currently working on a novelization, to be published (I hope) at the same time.

Whatever the final outcome, telling a story I believe in so passionately has been a life-changer for me. What are some of your life-changers?

Some stills from the making of Over-the-Rhine:

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34 Responses to A Life-Changer

  1. Hold on to a dream long enough and it can come true! I’m so looking forward to the movie, but to have your story in novel form will also be amazing. Thank you for the passion it has taken to see this all through. I know this will be a powerful witness that will change lives.

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  2. I look forward to viewing this film.

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  3. Mark Brady says:

    Mitch, I was wondering how we, your blogging community, can support and promote the movie. Obviously go see it, and give word of mouth, but, and I’m sure there is, a plan to promote over social media, and when? I would think our blitz sharing should coincide with yours. Would love to be a part of your success. I mean each week you promote a fellow blogger. Now it’s your turn!

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    • mitchteemley says:

      That would be great, Mark! I’ll update you all on dates and details when I know more. Thanks!

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      • Paula says:

        I recently participated in a book launch for a writer/editor/agent/speaker friend of mine. I have experience reviewing and promoting books. Would love to review your book on my blog (Media Monday), on Goodreads, on Twitter, and on Amazon when they are released. I’m happy for you and surely hope that “Over-the-Rhine” comes to my city.

        As for life-changers, I have to say that besides my decision to follow Jesus (which probably goes without saying), a near-fatal auto accident 15 years ago has had the greatest impact on my life. The stories about how God brought me closer to Him and how my life changed as far as forgiveness and awareness of grace are many. I’ve written and sold a few stories about it. What could have been a tragedy for my family had I died became an event that helped me to live a richer life. Thanks for the news and thank you for asking.

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      • mitchteemley says:

        Thank you so much for the offer, Paula–and for faithfully sharing your own stories. I’ll keep y’all posted about the book’s progress and the film’s release.


  4. I can’t wait to see it, Mitch! Been praying for you and THIS!!! Awesome! Hmmm…’What’s my life-changer?’ Jesus in 1975…everything has been new and so different since then! I don’t even know the girl I used to be anymore, praise Him! But as for now within this journey He has me on…I will have to think about that one…prayerfully. It’s a penetrating question… I like those! 🙂

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  5. realmarklandry says:

    looking forward to this!

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  6. revruss1220 says:

    Congratulations on this amazing milestone achievement. I can’t wait to see it and tell folks, “Hey… I follow his blog!” To answer the question you posed, I would have to say that my biggest “life changer” was the time when the three legs of the stool of my identity – father, husband, businessman – all collapsed within a six-month period in 1996, driving me to my knees. It was in that desperate interval, that I found a new, more durable identity: Christ-follower.

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  7. I will definitely go see it when it arrives in my neck of the woods. Theaters in Arizona are showing more and more good clean movies with a message.

    As for me, I have been at it for 3 years. Changed the title a few times (it’s now “The God-King” for teens and young adults. I’ve written 84 scripts and found 320 acres available free for filming and am building a town on the property. Oh, and I’ve changed my logline so many times it hurts. I think I will die with the dream unfulfilled, but no one can say I did not try.

    Some do make it, however, and I applaud yoi/

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  8. I will look forward to seeing it! What a blessing!

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  9. Very exciting and inspiring. You are an inspiration.

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  10. May your years of hard work bear much fruit.

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  11. Wally Fry says:

    Very cool. Can’t wait to watch a movie and say hey I know that guy sort of.

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  12. A.C. says:

    Congratulations on your project, amazing. When I lost my father 2 years ago it was a life changer. I have never felt more powerful since that time however. It’s as though he passed me his torch when his life was extinguished.

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  13. Thanks for the update. The pics are great, I know that this is your life’s work, and we can see the passion that has gone into the project. I will look for its release and distribution in the Dallas Market. Give us the word and we will do what we can to promote. John. (JW)

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  14. Congratulations, Mitch! What an incredible accomplishment, and I cannot wait to see it.

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  15. Nancy Klein says:

    Mitch, Good luck with Over-the-Rhine. I look forward to watching it when it comes out!

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  16. Paula says:

    Mitch, if only one person makes a decision to follow Jesus as a result of seeing your film, “Over-the-Rhine,” all the time and money spent is worth it. How do we measure a person’s salvation? It’s priceless. Thanks for being obedient to God in following the passion He put in your heart and using the talents He gave you. It’s probably because you are a thinker-about-stuffer that you came up with the concept of story in the first place. Your grey matter must be full of good stuff. *smile*
    God Bless you to the moon and back.

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  18. It is always nice to read about the on going success. Way to go, Mitch.

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