The Happiness Report

Presentation1My Featured Blogger this week is David Redpath of Highway Bloggery. I can’t find an “About” page anywhere (I suspect he prefers to remain a bit mysterious). But what I can gather about him is this: David is an Australian (I think) stream-of-consciousness poet, photographer, artist, traveler, and seeker of truth. There’s a compelling spirit of longing and compassion beneath his acerbic words. “When will the world be set right?” is the question that always seems to loom beneath the surface, and sometimes emerges into full light:

‘God will restore the whole earth
and give it to his messy carbon
based children as an inheritance.’

…he concludes in a more hopeful moment.

Amen, David, amen!

David Redpath

The Happiness Report
from the pagan haven
of a guarded and gated
sunny seaside resort
Machine tooled
from a block of concrete
Then deposited
upon a mangrove swamp
along a once pristine coast
Now a checkpoint
and a guard tower
cast shadows
across the lungs of nature
dying of tourist cancer

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4 Responses to The Happiness Report

  1. mitchteemley says:

    We are indeed, my friend. And the honor is mine.


  2. Great find Mitch. We need to be aware of where there is need. A lesson in survival.

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  3. David has some awesome posts.

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