Is Your Christianity a Sham?


My Featured Blogger this week is Anthony Baker of The Recovering Legalist. The title comes from Anthony’s frequent focus on legalism vs. authentic faith, but he writes on a passel of other real life topics, as well. Despite his disclaimer–“I’m just a country preacher, not a scholar, so if you don’t expect too much, you won’t be disappointed”–you’ll find grace and wisdom to spare here, along with a bit of wry humor.

So drop by, kick your feet up, and have a listen!

The Recovering Legalist

Adorable Sin

It may come as a shock to some, but many who claim to be Christians are not, actually. It is obvious because of their unrepentant love of sin.

For example, I know a person who willfully admits his failures and flaws (which is a good thing), but happily continues to do the very things he knows are wrong. He says, “I know I have a problem with (blank), but I know I’ll never change, so I’ll just have to keep asking for forgiveness.” In reality, the problem is that he loves his sin, and therefore refuses to truly repent and “turn from his wicked ways.” His particular sin is his claim to fame, his identity. Without it, he wouldn’t be noticed.

Am I suggesting that Christians NEVER sin? Of course not! The Bible plainly tells us that if we say we never sin, “we deceive ourselves…

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10 Responses to Is Your Christianity a Sham?

  1. John S says:

    I have always believed that when I share my faith, in words and lifestyle (more in my lifestyle) as a relationship then it WILL not be a sham.  But when I let the become a preaching it can become a sham.  I hope and pray that my lifestyle in an out of the jail is REAL.  I hope and pray that when people see me, hear me, they will hear I am also on the journey and my relationship is NOT in a rules, but in JESUS. Thanks for the post Mitch, because that is what I have been thinking of you, RELATIONSHIP sharing, since we have reconnected.John

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  2. Personally I feel sin is not limited to a particular religion. What surprises me is that one continues to sin in full awareness attaching a convenient reason to the act. The biggest sin that one commits is speaking ill about another fellow being. If tongues goes into a major depression we might be able to experience more peace n harmony.
    Enjoyed your post.

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  3. TEP336 says:

    Jesus and Paul both spoke of fruits, James spoke of faith without works, and that’s the major issue. False conversions will always show themselves. The problem is that the majority of professing Christians are basically false converts who spend all their time creating a false image of our faith. They’ve managed to do so much damage that the Church is losing people fast, which is to say that Satan has been rather successful in leading people off into the weeds.

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  4. kloydecaday says:

    Hello there. This is good writing. I’m on the crossroads, and faith is something that either boggles or fascinates me. I am just new here in WordPress (2 weeks actually), and I also wrote about my take/experience of reading Anne Lamott. Here it is:

    Good job for supporting self-expression through writing. I appreciate it if we follow each other and keep on blogging. Thank you!

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