Dating in the Post-Christian Era

My Featured Blogger this week is the creator of the wildly popular blog site Beauty Beyond Bones. Caralyn, whose following dwarfs mine, hardly needs my support. But what can I say? I like her. We met at a film audition a couple of years back, and she turned out to be exactly who she seems to be–charming, opinionated and passionate about the things she believes. The phrase Beauty Beyond Bones comes from her near-fatal experience as the survivor of an eating disorder, by the way. She references it often–what it taught her and the faith that restored her (she’s also written a book entitled Bloom)–but, as the title implies, Caralyn goes beyond it–in her blog posts and in her life. So, why the large, enthusiastic following?
Visit her and find out!
Here’s her latest post: 

I have happened upon a very sobering trend here in the last few weeks.

As you may know, I have recently thrown my hat into the dating scene. And by that, I mean, diving head first into the deep end without water wings, or a contingency plan.

And so far – so good. Met some nice gentlemen. Met some…nice fellas but terrible daters...and let’s just say, it’s proving to be highly entertaining.

But in my quest for the spark to my fancy, I have come face to face with a startling reality that, I fear, is a precursor to the way of the future.

Go with me here…

Dating apps are evolving. They’re realizing that, as they’re becoming more widely used, people are now demanding more than just a catalogue of faces with a name, age and job title. Users want more information. So – thank goodness – the dating profile is expanding to show a bit more of a person’s personality. And many of the sites now feature “Religion” as one of the options, which – for a Jesus-loving girl like me, is the very first thing I check.

And friends, let’s just say that my field research…it’s taken the wind out of my sails.

Swipe after swipe…would you know that probably 50-60% of the profiles I swipe through list either Atheist or Agnostic as their religion?

Yeah – 3 out of 5 profiles

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14 Responses to Dating in the Post-Christian Era

  1. Very liberal brain-washing beginning at a very early age. Secularism is everywhere, so is it any wonder that todays kids don’t know Christ and don’t realize the framework for compassionate living that is found in religion ?
    All the best to you and B3 !

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  2. foster advocate justice says:

    One of my favorite bloggers! She is amazing! Was she auditioning or helping at the event you met her? She has so many wonderful life experiences. Great post!

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  3. Lisa Beth says:

    Caralyn is a real beauty! I hope a wonderful man steps into her life. ❤💜💙

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  4. That was fun and interesting! When I quit looking and asked God to take the lead I got my precious wife… I wish Caralyn the best of luck and faith!

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  5. Love the blog and the post!

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  6. badfinger20 says:

    Great blog…

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  7. Already a follower of Miss Caralyn…love her.

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  8. Ann Coleman says:

    I have read her blog, and you’re right, it’s very good!

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  9. B3 is an excellent choice. Her honesty and forthrightness are beyond reproach. A very open Soul.

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  10. Ron Bouchard says:

    She has blessed my young journey as a blogger by acknowledging me. Still trying to figure out what I!m doing! May He be glorified.

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  11. She is one of my favorites and is most definitely the real deal.

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  12. One of the most beautiful women I’ve ever come across online! I hit the like button for her. 🙂

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  13. antonia_ says:

    Lovely post!

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