I Only Ask Two Things

I only ask two things:


1) For the universe to be constantly rearranged to suit my whims.

2) And for everyone to be OK with that.

Thanks, everyone, you’re the best!

Well, OK, maybe not the best (I mean, that would be me),

but like, you know, 2nd, 3rd best, whatever…

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Writer, Filmmaker, Humorist, Thinker-about-stuffer
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24 Responses to I Only Ask Two Things

  1. Can I get in on this?
    I’d even be satisfied with the world revolving around me revolving around you … world revolving once removed

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  2. anitashope says:

    The true human mindset….unfortunately

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  3. trE says:

    Haha. What is this?! Haha. Happy Tuesday, Mitch!

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  4. This is the first time I’ve seen someone come right out and say it, although our behavior often shouts it loud enough.

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  5. So true and so good!!!!

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  6. I may not pray like that, but all too often I think like that.

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  7. knabbler says:

    Yeah, there’s that. I know people like this. Oh, wait. It’s a mirror. 😉 awesome perspective reminder. Thanks!

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  8. smzang says:

    hugely hilarious…

    I’m buying a new mirror!

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  9. diman5 says:

    Good luck with that though

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  10. You’ll get what you asked for, Mitch. Now think about what to do with it.

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  11. John S says:

    You got it Mitch from one of the 2nd or 3rd best

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  12. revruss1220 says:

    Sure. Seems like an entirely reasonable request.

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  13. Ann Coleman says:

    Ha! Sadly, so many of us fall into this way of thinking now and then. I know I do……

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