Doug is fading fast, so I reached out to his mistress

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My Featured Blogger this week is Angel at Watch You Life in Pictures, whose blog site’s subtitle is “We Gathered Life, Only to Find…” Angel is a bit of an enigma, a woman who says little about herself, but writes with fascinating insight and compassion about others.

When you read her updates on the people she’s collected (some of whom she works with as a teacher or counselor), you can’t help but care about them, warts and all, the way she does. And, although she might complain, you can’t help but care about Angel herself. And, by extension,

About the entire wonderful, broken, hopeful human race.

I gathered life only to find...

Oh. You thought I was Doug’s mistress?

I’m the one who said no. I did care about him though.

Part of that care found me leaving his house Wednesday and stopping at the Walgreens on the corner to try and contact the other woman.

Yes he is married. I’m not defending what they did. I didn’t like her one bit and she was truly (mostly) bad for him.

But he asked me to “tell her.”

I knew what he meant.

I also knew (but hated to admit) that she brought him joy in those weeks between his cancer treatments.

He buried his reality and traveled through several states and into Canada with her. They stopped at every river they crossed and took selfies, lighting up their individual Instagrams like the 4th of July.

She was young and alive with love for him. He was staring down both barrels of death.

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4 Responses to Doug is fading fast, so I reached out to his mistress

  1. I understand all of the above emotions. As a wife, and as a relative of a woman who loved to get between married couples, fiances and other couples, I can understand the negative feelings.As a human, I also understand that reaching out to the woman was the right thing to do.

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