The Pathway

img_20181206_083544My Featured Blogger this week is Narendra Nyak of the blog site A Sliver of Life. Narendra is a gifted photographer, writer, horticulturalist and chef (how’s that for varied?) who describes his site as, “A harmony of hues, melodies, aromas, flavours and textures that underlie our existence!”

My take? In a land of ancient scenery, wildlife, words and cuisines (India), Narenda savors every flavor life has to offer!

So click on the link and savour the flavours Narendra has prepared for us!

A Sliver of Life

Shed the smug snobbish shroud,
forsake flawed pretext of proud,
hold a humble harmonious heart,
a courteous compassionate new start,
learn from mother she forgives deceit,
casting emeralds in paths of concrete!

– Narendra Nayak © 2018


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  1. Melissa Zelniker-Presser says:

    That picture is incredible!

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