Just Snap Out of It!

cropped-valerie_090813-e1494264056464My Featured Blogger this week is Valerie Cullers of ValerieCullers.com. Like me, Valerie is a faith-driven writer who reaches out to a broad spectrum of people–believers, nonbelievers, and everyone in between. She is transparent, curious, and insightful–I never fail to gain something of value from her posts!

Valerie is also the author of the Bible study “Psalm One for Women on the Run” and “The Unwelcome Stranger,” a historical novella set in the early fourth century, as well as an in-the-works sequel.

Do yourself a favor and discover ValerieCullers.com!

Valerie Cullers

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Have you ever been in a situation with someone who was going through something temporary and you wanted to say to them, “Just Snap Out of It!”? I have and even if I haven’t said it, I have thought it. 

Three weeks ago, my husband hurt his knee at the gym. He was kind of moping around the house because he couldn’t go for a bike ride or do any physical activity. I knew he would get better in a few days and was very supportive on the outside, but inside I wanted to say, “Just Snap Out of It!” I thought I knew what he was going through; I just wanted him to skip feeling bad and move to being okay with it. You know what I mean, “Just pretend you are not going through the process.” 

Fast forward a couple of weeks; I…

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3 Responses to Just Snap Out of It!

  1. She’s always great, isn’t she? Thanks for posting, Mitch!

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  2. Bruce says:

    Following her now! Thanks.

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  3. diman5 says:

    God knows how many times I have said it and thought it to myself

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