Self-Esteem God’s Way (Part 1)

Featured Image -- 39791My Featured Blogger this week, the creator of My Way Home, is, in her own words, “a freelance writer, mom, and wife who’s all about being at home,” but who strives, “above all, to focus on using (her) life to prepare for (her) heavenly home.”

My take on her? (I know her name, but don’t know if she wants it made public; hint: it’s not Taylor Swift). She’s the real deal, a thoughtful, passionate Jesus-follower, who strives to walk the talk and to bring as many people as possible along with her on that journey heavenward.

My Way Home

So many people struggle with thinking that they are not good enough (smart enough, attractive enough—check the box that fits). And it’s no wonder, given the mixed messages sent by our culture.

On the one hand, we’re told that we’ve all arrived, that we’re all winners, and that no one is better than anyone else. We all deserve a trophy and a pat on the back. Yeah for us! All of us!

But on the other hand, we’re told that if we just buy a certain product or “click here,” we’ll at last have that one thing that will make us ageless, thin, or smart.

Apparently, we really aren’t all acceptable just as we are. Hmmm.

I recently learned that the self-esteem movement began not long after prayer and Bible reading were removed from public schools in America. Psychologists recognized that they had to fill the vacuum left by the…

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8 Responses to Self-Esteem God’s Way (Part 1)

  1. “But without God, esteeming one’s self can lead to confusion, narcissism, and emptiness.”

    So many truths have come to pass. How people can ignore Him confuses me. He’s clearly all around us. I’m a better person when I lean on Him. I’m far from perfect but I try.

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  2. You are a master of finding the good Guest.

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  3. Ron Bouchard says:

    Self Esteem. The opposite of esteeming God above ourselves. The opposite of loving others as if they were ourselves. The opposite of the character of God. The opposite of His life-giving Son. May He be glorified!

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    • mitchteemley says:

      But I do think there is such a thing as godly self-esteem, Ron, don’t you? Not what so many modern practitioners think of when they use the term, but a self-esteem rooted in our status as children of God.


  4. Ron Bouchard says:

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. It means a lot.

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