Putting Away Christmas (Finally)

51atyl+fLKL._US230_My Featured Blogger this week is Brian Lageose of Bonnywood Manor, a blog site that features the tagline “Peace. Tranquility. Insanity.” Which is about as clear a definition as you’re going to get of Bonnywood Manor, i..e. that they peddle pure pharmaceutical grade satire here.

I don’t know much about Brian, either, except that he started life in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and seems to feel some deep need to compensate for that. But I do know this: He makes me laugh. A lot. So spend some time in Bonnywood, wontcha?

And embrace the snark.

Bonnywood Manor

And so it finally came to pass that the little hamlet must be demolished in the name of Progress.

Before anyone rises up in a spasm of indignation at the outrageous abuse of Eminent Domain, I should point out that I am speaking of the Christmas Village which, until a few hours ago, dwelt in the oddly-shaped formal living and dining room at the front of my house. No one of any importance actually lived there, aside from miniature porcelain people who contributed nothing to society, frozen as they were in unproductive poses.

Naturally, your next reaction will most likely be along the lines of: “Wait a minute. It’s February 17th. Why the hell is there still a Christmas Village in your domicile? This reeks of irresponsibility and subterfuge. My reputation has been sullied by association with such a heathen.” (Okay, perhaps some of you didn’t go that…

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10 Responses to Putting Away Christmas (Finally)

  1. So funny! And I can relate to the ending. 😂

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  2. This was hysterical and I love her sense of humor!

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  3. Thank you, kind sir, for sharing this shocking tale of personal mind slippage. It is much appreciated and a lovely sonnet will be composed in your honor later this evening. Assuming I can find my calligraphy pen… 😉

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  4. CJ Hartwell says:

    I’m a life-long Bonnywood fan too! Well, life-long as counted in blog years. 😉

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  5. Can I buy tickets for next year?

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