Blessed to be a Blessing

connection-700x329“It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). But it is also a blessing to learn how to receive. Many of us spend our lives blessing ourselves–striving to make sure all of our own needs (real and imagined) are met. When we do this, two things happen: First, with little or no time remaining, we steal from ourselves the great blessing of giving. Second, we steal from others the opportunity to be blessed by blessing us. Oh, Lord…

Teach us to be both givers and receivers.

“God will graciously provide all you need, so that, having everything you need, you will have plenty left over to share with others.” ~2 Corinthians 9:8 (paraphrase)

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20 Responses to Blessed to be a Blessing

  1. numrhood says:

    acts 45:10 view unto thee you will be saved
    2 corinthians 34:33 32 o magnify thee lord
    missing 2 corinthians 9:07


  2. As is often true, the social scientist “discover” things we’ve been told for thousands of years…

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  3. We have learned to do this and teach others too! My wife is especially good at teaching this to others in her role at our church.

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  4. Vernon says:

    Yes, we do need to have a healthy balance between giving and receiving.
    It’s hard for me at times to receive compliments.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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  5. trE says:

    This was the primal focus of the scripture today in church. Thank you, Mitch.

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  6. This reminds me of the man who related two dreams he had. The first one was of hell. People were sitting around a pot of the best stew (his favorite food) trying to eat it with spoons that were attached to their hands. But the spoons were too long, and they couldn’t feed themselves, so everyone was frustrated and angry.
    The second dream was of heaven – same scenario, but they were feeding one another and having a marvelous time doing it.

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  7. Yes, help us to be others-centered instead of self-centered! Especially us writers, we are by nature introspective!

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  8. Bob Martin says:

    No one can be a giver unless someone else is a receiver. Finding the balance between the two is one of life’s greatest challenges

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  9. revruss1220 says:

    Right on target. Receiving from others is often a greater challenge even than sacrificial giving.

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  10. gpavants says:


    Balance is good.


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