Writing – Self-Publishing and Self-Doubt


My Featured Blogger this week is Andrew Reynolds, who blogs under the title (and sometimes above it) of Andrew’s View of the Week. Andrew, whose stated goal is to become an “unsuccessful blogger,” writes bluntly, insightfully, and often wittily, about hard stuff (woodworking, his experience with cancer); about faith; about issues that concern him; about whimsical things (his quips are hilarious); and about hope (his poetry is frequently quite profound).

So follow Andrew’s View of Week and help destroy what few shreds remain of his goal of becoming an unsuccessful blogger.

Andrew's View of the Week

I suffer from writing self-doubt.  In fact, I just googled, ‘self-doubt’ to make sure I spelled it right, was using the right word and confirm that it is hyphenated.

At the moment, I’m not so sure that is post I should be writing or if anyone will like it. 

But, bravely on!

I started this blog in April 2011 and soon will have been at this blogging thing for eight years.  The original concept was to write a series of essays about Jesus’ actions during Easter week.  I was going to write one a day and gave this blog the name, “Andrew’s View of the Week.”  I didn’t finish those essays and never bothered to rename this blog.  At one point I thought of doing a kind of weekly wrap up of my reactions to the news of the week.

But that felt a bit…

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5 Responses to Writing – Self-Publishing and Self-Doubt

  1. Mitch – thank you for the reblog and kind words about my blog. But, “profound”? wow, I write things that are profound. Really? Again thanks for noticing my writing efforts.

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  2. anitashope says:

    Thanks for the post as I have been struggling with this direction myself. I too have written a manuscript, quite a few short stories and some poems. This will help with all the other advice I have received as well. Again thanks.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this, Mitch! I’m going to follow this guy. I know a lot about his cancer from a previous career. Just sayin’ 😳

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