Mixed Blessings

36 years ago I met someone who was, well, not the girl of my dreams (that would be someone who thought I was perfect), but who would challenge nearly everything I did. And the rest is history–or should I say herstory?

Mitch Teemley

Part Two: Oil and Water

(To read Part One,click here)

Now, about that woman I was “destined to marry”…

trudy-1982aI was leading the performing artists group at a large church in Southern California. There was a creative intellectual in the group who was very attractive and ridiculously easy to talk to. We blended effortlessly, and I’d been thinking she might just be my soulmate.

Then one night a beautiful young woman showed up. After the meeting, a gaggle of us went out to celebrate a birthday. I hitched a ride with the pretty newbie, Trudy. At the restaurant, I kept looking back and forth between her and my would-be soulmate. “No!” I resolved, “Don’t go there. Stick with your soulmate!” Trudy drove me home afterward. I leaned in to hug her goodnight. Mistaking the direction of my head, she turn her face toward mine.

And our lips met in…

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  1. I think this is a wonderful tribute to her. 🙂

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