38b41180870da5df4da23895b603a395.jpegMy Featured Blogger this week, creator of the thought-provoking blog Life Less Ordinary, goes by the handle of Curry-N-Code. Why? Because, he says, he’s a foodie (a lover of curries in particular) and a computer code writer. He’s also, like me, a former non-believer who has found himself (both figuratively and literally) in the midst of a life-changing adventure following Jesus.

Life Less Ordinary

The emergence of AI

Yesterday, we were
Today, we are
Tomorrow, an uncertainty,
A dream to be.

As for man,
A blade of grass
When the wind passes
He vanishes, his memory naught

We dance with abandon,
Our feet serenading –
The sands of time,
The grand old serpent

Ever curious and thirsty
We’ve claimed this rock
Named and maimed
The things therein.

In singularity we trust
The spirit of the new world
Man’s firstborn, deified
His tower of Babel

Abaddon, banished –
With the quiver of immortality
God’s had his word –
But now we know

The tree of knowledge divined,
The morning star smiled –
Unfurled the laws of nature
Beauty beyond the eye

Math our adopted father
Physics our adopted mother
Their children, our guardian angels
We thirst for their benevolence

Erudite and sapient
He scoffs at the old book
It’s author, a fractured myth
It’s messenger, delusional

He gazed into…

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4 Responses to Transcendence

  1. cricketmuse says:

    I thought at first the photo was a plug for Rewired by Dr AJay Seth—a new medical miracle book.

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  2. This is a guide to live by. We should all give it some thought. If nothing more than a daily read in partials. There is a lot to think about here.

    Liked by 1 person

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