Wednesday Weirdness

bluebirdMy Featured Blogger this week is Bluebird of Bitterness. B.O.B. consistently finds funny stuff–quips, cartoons, videos like the one below–to post. And since her (yes, her) sense of humor almost cosmically aligns with mine, I visit her site on a regular basis. You should too, cuz, like, I said so, ‘kay? So go there now.

Hello? Why are you still here?

bluebird of bitterness

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9 Responses to Wednesday Weirdness

  1. ROFL! Can’t wait to share this with my daughters – and yoga instructor sister. Thanks for the belly laugh of the day.

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  2. ages74 says:

    Tim Hawkins! My families favourite comedian! Anytime he comes close to our area for a Gala, we always go see him! 😂😁

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  3. Paul R. Smith says:

    Thank you for the new theme topic. I have been wanting to do a W Wednesday theme for a while, but Wordless Wednesdays doesn’t work for me. Plus, Weirdness Wednesdays is a good fit for my dry sense of humor.

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  5. Delightfully off-kilter, love it!

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  6. We love Tim Hawkins – can quote this song almost word for word.😊

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  7. That’s awesome! Hahahahaha

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