Ever Green

tree-leaves-green-spring-branches-thick-leaves-natureSome lives are leafy limbs

compelling eyes to gaze at them

to acknowledge their convulsive beauty

Naïve in their baseless joy

they reign

a scant and unremembered season

then die

having never truly lived


Some lives are barren limbs

pushing eyes beyond themselves

framing the eternal beauty

in keen, uncanny joy

to a reign

that never ends

They die

and yet they live forever

About mitchteemley

Writer, Filmmaker, Humorist, Thinker-about-stuffer
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21 Responses to Ever Green

  1. “Yet they live forever…”

    Beautiful Mitch.

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  2. diman5 says:

    Ohh , delicious -permit me to use the word- delicious poem

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  3. Marvellous poem: every word compelling; meaning, profound. So gorgeous. Sigh.

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  4. sandymancan says:

    This invokes the spirit of life it conjures the battle between will and strife some respond others fade out of sight. Inspiring Mitch

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  5. krcc says:

    I had to reread this a couple times, but then aaaah…I see. Good one.

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  6. Enjoyed every thoughtfully chosen word, Mitch. Wonderful metaphor.

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  7. I liked this. There is a saying I use to explain the idea. Humility exposes the background that is beautiful and yet complimentary.

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  8. Well spoken Mitch. Real life is always beyond the physical world.

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  9. Jordyn says:

    I love how honest this is in thought and emotion. I find a lot of my own poetry seems contrived when I read it back to myself later, or not simple enough to really evoke or bring light to anything. This one is very “clean”.

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