Alien Invasion!

2,000 years ago our planet was invaded

by a Being of inconceivable power.


His spaceship: the womb of a Jewish teenager.

His weapon: a form of love more powerful than all the atomic bombs, or lasers or phasers that will ever be built.

Resistance is (possible but) futile because

to be assimilated is simply to know the One who made you,

and to finally become the person you were created to be.

My wish for you, therefore, is that you would not only surrender,

but that you would actually join the invasion

and have a Merry Christmas

that lasts forever!

About mitchteemley

Writer, Filmmaker, Humorist, Thinker-about-stuffer
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50 Responses to Alien Invasion!

  1. May the FORCE be with us. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mitch.

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  3. As Christians this is a message we can all agree on. A beautiful reminder.

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  4. anitashope says:

    Wonderful message for today’s fence stander. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. May we all remember…this isn’t the last invasion. The next one will be beyond belief…unless of course you already believe.

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  5. SonniQ says:

    Not a chance. I refuse to drink the Kool Aid!

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  6. pastorpete51 says:

    And the only war that began with a declaration of peace!

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  7. 911grace says:

    Such a powerful message. So thankful for sharing this powerful depiction of the truth of Christmas. God bless your soul.

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  8. Amazing. Blessings to you Mitch and Merry Christmas!

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  9. Eppersonryan says:

    Amen. Merry Christmas.

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  10. Eppersonryan says:

    Amen. Merry Christmas and God bless you!

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  11. Bill Sweeney says:

    I joined 35 years ago. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mitch.

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  12. Loved how you put this! Thank you.

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  13. joyroses13 says:

    Merry Christmas Mitch! A wonderful wish, love how you creatively worded it. I was wondering when I saw the title. 🙂

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  14. pkadams says:

    Merry Christmas! And why can so many believe in aliens, but not a loving God? It’s a mystery.

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  15. Elitsa says:

    Merry Christmas!!!

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  16. Jennie says:

    Thank you, Mitch!

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  17. smzang says:

    Marching as to Peace…

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

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  18. Hallelujah! Merry Christmas, Mitch.

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  19. Great one Mitch. Thank you.

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  20. carhicks says:

    Merry Christmas Mitch.

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  21. TEP336 says:

    Outstanding! Merry Christmas, Mitch!

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  22. Ann Coleman says:

    Merry Christmas, Mitch!!

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  23. gpavants says:

    Hi Mitch,

    The real space invador who truly wants His home to be among men.

    Happy New Year,


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  24. sibyltowers says:

    In the end Scientists will have to admit that the possible advanced aliens they’re worried about, who seem to be gathering information about us, are Celestial Beings.
    Happy New Year,
    Sibyl X


  25. sibyltowers says:

    We are on the same topic and you are right about HIS entry here, which was no different to our own.
    Lots of love from a Sibyl.
    Sibyl X

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