A Real Person of Prayer

The philosopher-theologian Evelyn Underhill penned these words a hundred years ago.(God, grant that I might live to personify them.)


“What then is a real man of prayer?

  • “He is one who deliberately wills and steadily desires that his intercourse with God and other souls shall be controlled and actuated at every point by God himself; 
  • “One who has so far developed and educated his spiritual sense, that his supernatural environment is more real and solid to him than his natural environment…
  • Who in the deeps of his soul is and knows himself to be attached to God…
  • “Wholly and entirely guided by the creative Spirit in his prayer and his work.

“Every Christian starts with a chance of it, but only a few develop it. It is only through adoration and attention that we make our personal discoveries about him… In the flood tide of such adoring prayer, the soul is released from the strife and confusions of temporal life; it is lifted far beyond all petty controversies, petty worries and vanities–and none of us escapes these things–

“It is carried into God, hidden in him.”

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8 Responses to A Real Person of Prayer

  1. David Cosier says:

    What a great description of a real man of prayer!

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  2. Gary Fultz says:

    Ironically, when one has outlived their healthy body and they are closing in on the last of this life, they can still pray. God may use them to move mountains and even shake nations in such a way that no busy able bodied person working for God could do (my personal conclusion on the power and necessity of prayer).

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  3. Is it not the plight of Man to find his Creator? The answer is found at the moment that Man allows the Creator to find a place in the Man

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  4. smzang says:

    Serene and lovely, this mighty truth.

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