The Real Problem

My Featured Blogger this week is the creator of Russellings of the Spirit, now in its 10th year. Russ is a wise, warm, and frequently witty Kansas City pastor whose frankness and transparency make him a relatable communicator to believers and non-believers alike. No topic that can provide a springboard to addressing the human condition is off-limits.

Visit, follow, and get real with my friend Russ!

Russellings of the Spirit

Dreamer image“Your situation…” a wise person once said to me, “… is never the problem.”

Pregnant pause.

“The problem… “ they continued, “… is your RELATIONSHIP to your situation.”

And for the most part, I agreed with and appreciated this pearl of wisdom when I first heard it.

I mean, how often are we prone to believe that if we can just change something about our situation… by getting a new job, a new spouse, a new haircut, a new hometown, a new car, a new political leader, a new wardrobe, or a new pet… that life will finally be whole, complete and perfect?

I confess I have fallen for that faulty line of reasoning more than once.

And yet, this wise saying – like many wise sayings – has its flaws.

If your situation, for example, involves you being in poverty, being abused, being otherwise exploited, being denied justice, or…

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4 Responses to The Real Problem

  1. Mitch, I am so glad that you reposted this.

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  2. grAnnie Roo says:

    Thx Mitch. Im now a follower too (not to be confused with “Not A Fan” awareness).

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  3. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Visited (and commented) at Russ’s blog. He’s a good thinker-of-stuffer too!

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