Headlines You May Have Missed

We’ve all been so busy with world news and politics lately that we’ve missed a lot of other important stories. No worries, I’m here to catch you up (you’re welcome).


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47 Responses to Headlines You May Have Missed

  1. Jashan Kaur says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Hilarious! Love the one of the dude giving lessons for English! 🙂

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  3. Cindy Dawson says:

    Once again you have made me laugh out loud! I don’t know which one is the funniest! Thanks!

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  4. These are super! I had such fun reading it!

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  5. Reblogged this on Bitchin’ in the Kitchen and commented:
    I read this post from a blog I thoroughly enjoy, Mitch Teemley. I hope you enjoy a fun Saturday chuckle!

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  6. Omigosh, I’m breathless!
    I’ve been sick all week. I think you just cured me.

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  7. Laughed out loud! Thanks for this!

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  8. Lol, the flying bug one:)

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  9. Oh my goodness, what a fun read this morning. Still laughing!

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  10. DC Gilbert says:

    Awesome post! Many of these made my chuckle. Especially the bear and the cupcakes … and especially after my series of Adirondack Bear Tales. Too bad this tale took place in Alaska!

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  11. You missed one: “Police Station Toilet Stollen – Cops Have Nothing to Go On.”

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  12. joyroses13 says:

    OHmy gosh! Too funny! I kept saying, oh that’s the best one, and then I would see the next one! But really I am so shocked that they found guns in a weapon store! And Cheers to the bear! I would have ate the cupcakes too! Wonder what kind they were. 🙂

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  13. Reblogged this on Running the Race and commented:
    Not sure where I’d be without Mitch Teemley keeping me up-to-date on the important issues of the day…

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  14. Lisa Beth says:

    All I can say is…hilarious! 😃

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  15. notdonner says:

    I’m dying over here! What a wonderful collection of silliness in headlines. I fell over by the time I got to Rachel Ray cooking her family and dog!!

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  16. Roos Ruse says:

    ROFL!! Oh, it hurts! 😅

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  17. Candice says:

    I broke out in the giggles. Is there no one who notices the way these lines sound before printing?

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  18. CJ Hartwell says:

    Well, I would think officers would be thankful homicide victims aren’t talking to them! Yeesh!

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  19. Teri Page says:

    Very funny Mitch, I love this stuff, thanks for the compilation. 😊


  20. cricketmuse says:

    “Woman Snorts At Reading Headlines Too Ridiculous To Be True”

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  21. JOY journal says:

    Made me laugh out loud! I’m just glad I’m not the editor who wrote these. Believe me, it can happen. Many pages of morning newspapers are in the headline-writing stage after midnight. What sounds perfectly reasonable then …

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  22. Ann Coleman says:

    I have no idea where you find this stuff, but thanks for sharing them. I needed a laugh today!

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  23. I so needed this today!! 😂

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  24. gpavants says:

    Ha, Ha, heeee, haww, ha, ha….

    Thank you,


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  25. cherylfoston says:

    Busting my gut…laughing so hard! Amazing finds.

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  26. cat9984 says:

    I wonder if I could threaten the snails in my yard with throwing them against the car to get them to move on. (I assume the snail was the loser in his encounter. Must not have been any rocks handy.)

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  27. Hilarious! Thanks, I needed that. Definitely will share these.

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  28. Ana Daksina says:

    This is outrageous! Haha! Reblogging to my sister site “Timeless Wisdoms”

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  30. Love these! I used to use some of them with my journalism students! Good times:)

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