Meditation for the Easily Distracted

bisbee-trip-e1488987816820This week’s Featured Blogger is my efriend (strictly facetious–I really do think of her as a friend friend), C. J. Hartwell of Feeding on Folly. C. J. is one of the funniest bloggers out there doing that thing where you, you know–what’s it called? You know, that thing where you… Oh, yeah (I temporarily forgot, but now I remember): Being Funny While Blogging.

That thing.

And, boy howdy, is she good at it! If we hung out together we’d probably laugh all the time and almost never get any work done. Which means things would be pretty much the same for me. But C. J. has work to do, so we’d better not.

Instructions: 1) Read this post, 2) Follow Feeding on Folly (after briefly pausing to appreciate my subtle use of alliteration). If you don’t, you can’t be my efriend anymore. Just kidding (did I mention I’m mostly being facetious when I use that term?). But seriously, you’ve got work to do.

Now get to it!

Feeding on Folly

Welcome to Meditation for the Easily Distracted. Before we begin, let’s take a moment to… hold on a second, that’s my phone…

Sorry about that. Okay, let’s silent our electronic devices now and take a moment to situate ourselves in our chair or on the floor. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

Meditation 1 (2)

You can cross your legs if you want to, but considering your knees maybe not.

Getting old really bites, doesn’t it?

To begin, let’s take a deep breath… inhale… and let it out through the mouth – fwoosh… another breath in… and fwoosh

Try not to think about what you’ll have for dinner… or how you need to go to the grocery store… or about that weird spot on your arm… (should probably get that checked out)…

Another breath in… and fwoosh

Or the sound your clock is making… ticking… ticking… ticking… okay, seriously? We…

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7 Responses to Meditation for the Easily Distracted

  1. Read her stuff all the time. Her mediation method is right on.

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  2. Rhonda says:

    I love CJ too!

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  3. pkadams says:

    Thank you , sir ! I needed another funny blog!

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  4. Roos Ruse says:

    I wonder what it means that The Power of Story and Feeding on Folly top my top five favorite bloggers. Maybe it’s the cold in my head. Anyway, excellent choice, Sir Mitch.

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  5. mitchteemley says:

    One reader shared their concerns as a Christian about the use of the Hindu term “namaste” in the above post. They wished to remain private, but I thought their concerns were valid, so I thought I’d share my response here:

    “Namaste” literally means “I honor you,” although, as you say, in the Hindu culture it is taken to imply something along the lines of “the divine in me bows to the divine in you,” expressing the pantheistic idea that all creatures are divine. The term has, as you are aware, become increasingly popular in western culture, both in and beyond yoga classes.

    So, do I think it’s OK for a Christian to use it jokingly in a humorous post about a yoga class? Yes, I do. I think my readers (and CJ’s) are able to discern the difference between satire and the promulgation of Hindu beliefs.

    I do think our culture is becoming increasingly neo-pagan, but my fear is less about people accidentally falling into non-Christian beliefs than their consciously turning away from God in favor of beliefs that tickle their ears (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

    In His love, Mitch


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