Daylight Savings is (are?) Over!

Attention, monsters:
Fall Back

 Note for anyone else still wearing a Halloween costume: This reminder applies to vampires, snow queens, princesses, wookies and superheroes, as well as normal humanish persons.

Thanks to Aussie artist Emma Kidd for the delightful monster!

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7 Responses to Daylight Savings is (are?) Over!

  1. Thanks for the reminder!

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  2. Halloween is a fitting time to celebrate the most monstrous, heinous, useless, senseless, silly, anachronistic “custom” of modern-day humanity: Daylight Saving Time. There is no longer any economic justification for it, but like all things human, once we start a practice like this, it’s almost impossible to change things. I, for one get jet-lag on the flight from LA to Vegas, so I have a hard time re-adjusting to DST every 6 mos.

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  3. We, in the UK fell back last weekend. Looking forward to springing forward already!

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  4. If only we could just stay at one or the other. This changing is nonsense!

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  5. Arizona doesn’t do Daylight Savings Time, so as of tomorrow, my sister and I will be only two hours apart instead of three.

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  6. This is a lot of work just to satisfy somebody’s whim. Still does not change a thing,

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