I’m Insensitive. Respect Me!

BW_SeriousI have decided to adopt Insensitivity as a way of life, and demand that you respect me as a member of a persecuted minority!

What’s that? You say I’ve offended you? Stop persecuting me!

Just a snarky little comment on our confusing times.

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26 Responses to I’m Insensitive. Respect Me!

  1. You are saying it well … Snarky can be good!

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  2. Confusing times indeed. They shall call evil good and good evil. I feel like I am living in the novel, 1984. I know I am living in what Paul and Jesus called “the last days”.

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  3. HAT says:

    Sadly, and with all due respect, I’m afraid demographic data may show that your group is not a minority.

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  4. Here’s something to add to the confusion… or not…

    Hopefully… the only actual minority group is comprised of those bad individuals who try to oppress good people. Hey… how about this? Let’s help these oppressors discover that they’re the only actual minority. They’ll be so busy oppressing themselves that they won’t have time to persecute the decent folks… the majority! Self-oppressing oppressors… that does have a nice ring to it… doncha think?

    Am I making any sense… or do I need to get more sleep at night?

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  5. Gee, Mitch. You look pretty normal to me.😎

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  6. Expedition into the Unknown says:

    What has our society came to when being ultra sensitive has become a badge of honor. We as a society have lost our way

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  7. Blended Hope says:

    Out society makes me shake my head each and every day.
    How are people becoming so incredibly stupid. Seriously.

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  8. Intolerant people will not be tolerated!!!!

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  9. Someone said the other day that everyone is now a victim.

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  10. smzang says:

    ‘Snarky’ has 20/20 vision

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  11. Roos Ruse says:

    I resist your protest! 😉 😄 And I like snarky ❤

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  12. Hey, so you’re the one who zipped past me and 5 other cars at a stoplight on intersecting 2-lane roads…

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  13. Ann Coleman says:

    Very funny! But sadly, also very true. When will we realize that respect is earned, not simply given? And that being permanently outraged and insulted is not a fun way to live…..

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  14. Paula says:

    Hey, brother, if you have time for all of that, more power to you. It’s all I can do to keep up with my daily quota of insults. That’s all for now; I gotta get back to work, you poor excuse for a persecuted and insensitive minority. ;>)

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  15. Yure says:

    As you feel, I feel.

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  16. I often wonder what it will take for people to HEAR themselves….

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  17. Averyl says:

    Well done!

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